One of the things on a list of the best of what to get dadContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Fathers Day, by all accounts the single most important day of the year, is certainly a good time to think about the perfect gift for Dad. And no, that is not a tie, a bottle of cologne from the drugstore or a new lawn mower.

So what is that perfect gift for dad? Well, it really depends on your dad and what he loves almost as much as he loves you. We can’t tell you what will work… but we can share some great ideas you might not have considered.

Oh, and just in case you think these gifts are ONLY for Father’s Day, remember that dad deserves a special gift during the holidays and on his birthday, too. So let the shopping begin! One of those is sure to be around the corner!

Hit a home run

His favorite team equals a great gift choice

If your dad has a favorite sports team, you can’t go wrong with a gift that shows his loyalty. For sports fans, this is just the ticket. With everything from signed NFL paraphernalia to vintage collectibles and sports history books, there’s sure to be a perfect choice in stock. They carry one-of-a-kind sports memorabilia for the dad who prefers something unique and collectible.

A Gift that WILL Compute

Keep him connected

If you’re looking for a sure-to-be-a-star kind of gift for dad, you can’t do better than presenting him with a sleek new Mac laptop. He’ll love the worry-free operating system (sorry Windows!) and freedom from virus worries. And you’ll love certified refurbished Macs for a price that won’t have you tapping into your own kids’ college funds to pay for it. Of course, whether you tell dad you got it for such a great price is up to you. But hey, relax. He may be having too much fun to listen anyhow.

Manna for the collector

Cool artifacts

An item on the list of the best of what to get for dads

If you’re having a difficult time figuring out what to get Dad and he’s a collector of intriguing artifacts, your search is over. A museum store is chock full of fascinating items for those that appreciate art, culture and history; or just like cool stuff. Take this authentic stock certificate of the White Star Lines infamous Titanic for example; perfect for those that appreciate a touch of history. Sure beats the thousand-of-the-same-things at every mall store in town!

Exceptional timekeeping

More than minutes and hours

An item on the list of the best of what to get for dads

A watch? You may be thinking a watch is right up there with (yet) another tie on the what to get Dad list of goodies. But this my friends is no ordinary watch. This example from Timepieces International can do everything except magically transport the remote from its current location to the eager hands of your recliner-inhabiting father. In addition to telling time and looking fantastic, the Mens Equinox has day, date, month and lunar dials. And the coup de grace is this beauty runs about a quarter of the suggested retail price.

Serious wine club

The business of wine

wine clubs

When it comes to fine wines in the U.S., specialty wine stores online consistently lead the way for quality, taste and awards. So giving your dad a gift of a wine club membership is something any wine-lover will appreciate. And unlike many other wine clubs, you’ll pay only for the wines… there is often no membership registration fee, and no monthly fee beyond the price of the fine wines they’ll send to dad.

Choose the club level you want, and they’ll make the rest simple. And if dad decides to pursue a different hobby (like climbing the mountains of Tibet or exploring the coral reefs off Tonga), you can cancel the membership at any time.