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online steaksContributed by Info Guru Oliver VanDervoort

In the age of the Internet, more and more people are doing their shopping online.

When we think of online shopping we probably think of places like Amazon and eBay, but food companies have found a way to make their own niche as well. Gone are the days when you had to take a number and wait for that perfect cut of steak at the butcher. Gone are the days when you might wait for 10 minutes only to find out that the perfect cut of meat had been taken by the person holding the number one ahead of you. Nowadays, we can order mouth watering steaks online and know that when we place that order we’re getting the best cut we can get. If you are going to be doing the steak search on the web then you need to make sure you are hitting one of the top 10 best online steak companies out there. Luckily we’ve brought you the comprehensive list.

10. Certified Steak and Seafood Company

Certified Steak and Seafood Company

Steaks from Certified Steak and Seafood Company are not just certified prime and guaranteed to be from the finest sources, they are certifiably delicious. Angus steaks – seafood and desserts, too – from this well-stocked online store are delivered to your door and will take on any top-rated steak house, any day of the week.

9. Harter House Meats

Harter House Meats

The Harter House company has actually been around for more than 100 years and they have been an established butcher shop since 1973. Having recently moved online, the company has already made a name for itself as one of the best online steak companies around.

8. Meat Hub

Meat Hub

While the name Meat Hub may not sound like a place where you would turn for a great cut of beef, you would be mistaken should you pass this particular site on by. The site offers a great selection of cuts and has a number of deals they offer up for limited time frames that will make your mouth water.

7. New Braunfels Smokehouse

Sometimes, a typical steak just isn’t the taste you’re craving. That’s when a smoked Tenderloin or brisket from New Braunfels Smokehouse might be the perfect “steak” choice. It comes from the heart of Texas, where they know how to smoke and bar-b-que a fine cut of beef to mouthwatering perfection!

6. Kansas City Steak Company

Kansas City Steak Company:

This list would be incomplete if we didn’t have at least one company located in the Kansas City area. Kansas City Steak Company is also one of the longest living companies of this kind and has been peddling their great cuts of meat since way back in 1932. Over that time they have certainly perfected their craft.

5. Littlefield Ranch

 Littlefield Ranch

While the midwest is well known for producing some great beef, Texas has a bit of a claim as well. Littlefield Ranch certainly backs up that claim with their steaks that have become so popular they’ve even managed to get a couple of celebrity endorsers.

4. Dean and Deluca

Dean and Deluca

Dean and Deluca has long been known as one of the top gourmet food retailers in the world, so it makes quite a bit of sense that they would also have one of the best offerings of online steaks around. I dare you to take a look at their butcher specialities and not immediately start drooling.

3. Heartland Steaks

Heartland Steaks

Heartland is another one of those companies that has managed to offer up great steakhouse quality, delivered right to your door. The company is all about making sure you enjoy your purchases and even has an easy to access chart showing you exactly how long you can store their products and still have the juiciest and best tasting experience.

2. Omaha Steaks

 Omaha Steaks

Just how good is Omaha Steaks? The company is one of the oldest on this list as it has been around in one form or another since 1919. Any company with that kind of staying power must have a pretty good offering.

1. GourmetStation

steak dinner

If you don’t have the time or the kitchen creativity to create a meal out of a delivered steak, you can enjoy a premium steak dinner delivered along with appetizer, creamy potatoes, baby carrots and cheesecake from GourmetStation. You don’t have to do anything more than unpack and minimal prep, which includes pan searing a gourmet cut of beef and heating up your sides. Now that is steak shopping online!

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