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Best Wedding Proposals

By Editorial Staff

wedding proposalContributed by Info Guru Lisa Pratto

Traditionally, proposing involved dropping to one knee and opening a little white box. She cried, and you slipped the ring on her finger.

That’s all well and good, but why not add a little pizzazz?! You are only going to propose once in your life (hopefully) so make it count! Go big or go home, right?! Try these best wedding proposals on for size.

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10. Romantic Dinner

Romantic Dinner

Start with her favorite restaurant. Or the place you went on your first date. But before you head out for the date, get the restaurant in on your plans. Ask if you can provide a cake with the proposal on it. Or see if the chef is willing to spell out the proposal on a plate in chocolate.

Or take it a step further, if there’s live music at the restaurant, and ask the musicians to help you pop the question. Just be aware that the whole restaurant will be watching! *gulp*

9. Send Her Flowers

Send Her Flowers

Try sending her dozens of roses throughout the day; each with a one-word note. Will. You. Marry. Me? Make sure you meet her promptly after the last delivery is made, with a beautiful engagement ring in hand.

8. Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel

My husband almost proposed to me at the top of a Ferris wheel. He was shooting for romantic location with a great view, but then he realized he might drop the ring.

But if you’re sure of your ability to hold on to the ring, it just might be the perfect spot to pop the question. Just make certain she doesn’t leap up in excitement at the top of the wheel — that could add an unwelcome element of danger for both of you!

7. Dance Floor

Dance Floor

Sweep your girl off her feet – literally. Have the band leader play your favorite song and whisper your proposal in her ear as you twirl her around the dance floor. Be sure to have the engagement ring in your back pocket.

6. Movies


Did you know that you can pay the movie theater to add your proposal to the slew of local advertisements that play before the movie previews begin? Now, you do. You could even slip the engagement ring into the popcorn box.

5. Lip Sync

Lip Sync

There are a ton of romantic songs that would be great to lip sync a proposal to. Head over to YouTube and search lip sync or lip dub proposal and be prepared to be impressed.

4. Family Affair

 Family Affair

Invite her entire family (and yours) over for a BBQ and, after dinner, get everyone’s attention for an announcement. You can surprise everyone in the room when you slip a diamond ring on her finger, not just her.

3. Skywriting


Hire an airplane to spell out your proposal in the sky. Conversely, you can mow it in a farmer’s field and get her in the airplane. Both ways get the job done in style.

2. Flash Mob

Flash Mob

Flash mobs, where crowds of seemingly random strangers start dancing to the music, are a hit on the internet. With a lot of planning and forethought, you could arrange a flash mob proposal and knock her socks off when you offer up your heart and a pretty new ring.

1. Just Do It

Just Do It

I was a girlfriend for six years; trust me when I say, “Do it already!” We just want you to propose!! Well, that and we want to wear a nice diamond, too. Now I’m not saying you should rush into anything, but after a year or two, it’s probably time to start check out some of those sparking rings.

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Don’t let the fancy proposals online scare you off. Even a simple “Will you marry me” while walking in the park, on the beach or just sitting down to watch a movie will work just fine. After all, when you love someone, just being together is the most important part.


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