Black and white diamonds

black and white diamonds: elegant, electric gems with mysterious origins

black and white diamonds: elegant, electric gems with mysterious origins

Black is in vogue.  Black diamonds, a gem category once held in low esteem, have become the passionate flavor of some of the world?s most innovative jewelry designers.  Black diamonds, known to geologists as Carbonado, and refered to as “midnight” or “moonlight” diamonds by jewelry designers, have captured the curiosity of a new generation of jewelry connoisseurs. 

Black is a very strong, powerful color that goes well with almost every outfit and is never out of fashion. Jewelry designers are adding even more drama to black diamonds by creating black and white diamond combinations.  The yin-yang effect of these unique black and white diamond designs looks elegant and electric. 
If jewelry design is all about visual impact, then alternating black diamonds with white diamonds, or other stones, certainly makes the designs more interesting.  These black and white designs have a mysterious combination – flashes of light and dark contrast.

Conventional ?white? diamonds are formed under intense heat and pressure, deep below the Earth’s surface over hundreds of millions of years.  They are mined from these explosive volcanic rocks in diamond mines around the world.  Black diamonds, however, have very different origins. 

After years of study, astrophysicists and geologists have concluded that black diamonds were born in outer space during stellar supernova explosions.  Black diamonds are, quite literally, out of this world!  Since black diamonds are found in only two places on the planet ? Central Africa and Brazil ? researchers have concluded that both locations were the sites of ancient meteor strikes.  In essence, black diamonds were contained in asteroids, when they first landed on earth over 3.8 billion years ago. 

The mysterious and unusual origins of black diamonds make their deep beauty even more alluring.  Unlike the traditional white diamonds typically found with engagement rings, which are single crystals, black diamonds are comprised of clusters of individual crystals, which form the dark color.

Black diamonds can vary in color and might appear to be light gray or smoky, dark gray or pure black.  These hue variations are not due to impurities, but rather, caused by minerals in the black diamonds.  The most common mineral inclusions are iron oxides such as hematite, magnetite or sulfide.  The higher the concentration of oxides in a black diamond, the darker and richer the hue.

Would you consider buying a black diamond or a black and white diamond design?  The popularity of black diamonds certainly rose after Rob Patterson gave a black diamond engagement ring to actress Carmen Electra.  Several black and white diamond designs were worn by celebrities attending this year?s Academy Awards. 

Black diamonds can offer a stunning, dramatic contrast to your look.  Worn equally well by both men and women, these unique, luxurious stones, along with striking black and white diamond combinations, have become a popular alternative to traditional diamond jewelry.