One of the best of blue denim jeansContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Comfortable, easy to care for and fashionable throughout the year; that’s what I love about denim.

Sure, you can get them in all sorts of colors nowadays, but nothing takes the place of good, old-fashion blue denim jeans.

With that said, blue denim comes in assorted styles and cuts, so let’s take a peek at some of the best blue denim jeans.

Right on trend

Super skinny stretch

Forget the same old, same old. These jeans turn it all on its head. And why not? These high waisted, print blue denim jeans in a super stretchy skinny cut will turn some heads. Pair them with trendy t’s or cozy sweatshirts, add a pair of ballet flats and you’re good to go!

And guys, have no fear. There are awesome skinny denim jeans for you, too. Clearly an equal opportunity fashion find!

Regular fit

Old-school straight legs

One of the best of blue denim jeans

I certainly don’t have anything against making a good thing better, whatever that may be. But when it comes to jeans, it’s pretty tough to beat a pair of jeans that’s been working for over 120 years. The old-school, regular fit straight leg jeans are about as old-school as you can get, and that’s just the way I like it.


Super skinny

One of the best of blue denim jeans

Skinny jeans may not be all the rage, but they’re pretty darn close. If you’re running in the right circles, you won’t have to wait long before seeing a pair of these bad girls. Not all Bebe blue denim jeans sport the name in the back, but backside verbiage isn’t unheard of. Personally, I’d be a bit self-conscious walking down the street wondering who’s reading my butt. I can take solace in knowing at least it’s not written in Braille.


Not your daughter’s jeans

womens jeans

Who says you have to be a skinny teenager to find awesome jeans!

The woman’s and plus size couture of “Not Your Daughter’s” blue denim jeans from Appleseeds are perfect for lady who gets around; in a good way of course. Not only are they comfortable, they come in a variety of styles and washes in standard and pull-on cuts.

A whole new look

Destructed for style

destructed jeans from Alloy

For the teenybopper who doesn’t quite have everything, check out these already-distressed jeans. If you have a 20-ish daughter, are a 20-something daughter or have ever met a daughter you’ll do yourself proud taking a look around stores that cater to the youth set. If it’s cool and stylish you’re after you’ll find it, including a huge selection of denim jeans.

Casual upscale

Pleated chinos

One of the best of blue denim jeans

For a bit of an upscale casual look, take a gander at these pleated chinos. They may not work for formal evening at “The Club,” but who wants to hang with those snobs anyway? Slide into a pair of these and you’ll be as much at home at the nice restaurant as the pool hall.

Neiman Marcus

Faded and distressed

One of the best of blue denim jeans

Outside of some darn good rock music, bell bottom jeans are about the only good trend to make it out of the 70’s; and make it they have. I see almost as many pairs of these today as I did back in the day. Of course, 30 years ago you had to earn the faded, distressed look you can buy directly from Neiman Marcus. No rolling through the mud, running them over with Dad’s old Studebaker or adding them into every wash load required.