How to brew the perfect k cup

Learn how to brew the perfect k cup for the perfect hot java in your mug

Learn how to brew the perfect k cup for the perfect hot java in your mug

Coffee is evolving. No longer do we have to deal with the mess involved in cleaning up older coffee makers. Keurig — and other coffee makers — can provide the user with a machine that creates the ideal single cup of coffee, without any of the hassle. Thus, with a perfect k cup mix, making a cup of coffee, tea, or specialty beverage, has never been easier.

Let’s take a look at the definition of the model, ways in which to modify it, and why it creates such a great blend for you to enjoy. Read on!

What Is A K Cup?

The K Cup is a unique system in which users can simplify the coffee making process. What it entails:

  • A single cup brewer — whether it be a Keurig model, Cuisinart single-serve brewer, or another brand — will allow for a prepackaged blend to be inserted into the model and at the press of a button a single cup of coffee brewed right on the spot
  • The blends range from mild to bold, with over 200 flavors/varieties to choose from
  • There’s no mess to clean up and the process in which one brews their coffee is simplified greatly
  • Each cup is — in a word — perfect

Why is this? After inputting the prefilled container into the machine, a pressurized system within delivers just the right amount of coffee into your waiting mug. In speed and execution, it beats regular coffee makers any day of the week.


How To Brew It?

Thus, the coffee making process has been so simplified, you simply head to your local store, or go online. Find the perfect k cup variety or Tassimo coffee (if you have a Tassimo maker) to brew. Insert it into the machine and quite simply press the brew button on the upper right of the machine. The pressurized water will flow through the pack at the ideal temperature for a great brew.

The complex filter will assure the drinker great results as the coffee is brewed within the pack. And with the choices one has for coffee, tea, iced coffee, hot cocoa, and other specialty beverages, you’ll be making a great blend every single time you brew.

My K Cup

For those interested in brewing their own coffee blends, try the reusable filter with the My version from Keurig. This will allow you to use your own brand of coffee (and not have to stick with the prepackaged varieties) in the machine and will contain a filter basket, filter holder, and lid.

Now, for some users, the My variety of cup has provided a slightly weaker blend of coffee for the drinker. To combat this, there are several sites that offer quick fixes to increase the strength of the blend. Head over to Lifehacker or Instructables to find out specific steps to follow for a stronger blend of coffee.

Is It Perfection?

The packs from Keurig come from 18 of the world’s finest brands, according to their website. One can purchase custom blends, FairTrade, organic, and flavored varieties. And it’s coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and iced beverages, that can be completed at the drop of a hat.

Part of what makes the system so great is the true ease of use. Buy the pack — or get the My K Cup for endless refills — and press a single button on the machine. Your mug underneath catches the liquid and that’s it. It’s simple, quick, and rewarding as you taste the concoction for the first time, perfection for your taste buds.

Resources: K-Cup Single Cup Brewers.

Lifehacker: Brew Stronger Coffee with Your Keurig My K-Cup.

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