A list of the best of care for your eyesContributed by Tim Brugger, Catalogs.com Top 10 Guru

Eyes; some say they’re windows to the soul.

Anything that warrants a statement like that deserves some special attention, which is exactly what the following best care for your eyes list is intended to do.

Your peepers are too important to leave to chance, so let’s take a look at some easy, and sometimes stylish, steps you can take to protect these vital organs.


Buy multiples

A list of the best of care for your eyes

Shades. Most think of sunglasses as a stylish accessory, and they’re right. These sunglasses for women certainly fit that bill. But they’re more than meets the eye (ugh, sorry about that); these are UV protection sunglasses to reduce exposure to harmful rays, a common phenomenon which puts undue strain on our orbs. And you won’t believe the prices here; these beauties are only $5.99, like the name of the store promises, meaning no undue strain on your pocketbook either. At this price, buy a pair to keep in your car, each purse, your beach bag, and your desk drawer, so that you always have super stylish eye protection on hand.

The right lighting

Prevent eye strain from taking its toll

Most people don’t have the right lighting…or the right amount of lighting…for the things they do every day. Whether you’re working on a computer, stitching a quilt, doing woodworking or just reading your favorite novel, your choice of lighting matters to your eyes.

You might not go blind from reading in the dim light (as our grandparents threatened!), but you will feel eye strain, complete with burning, blurring and headaches. Why suffer when Verilux has the right full-spectrum lights to make your tasks easier, and your eyes happier. It couldn’t be easier…and your eyes will thank you!

Anti-aging treatments

Banish eye wrinkles

A list of the best of care for your eyes

Sometimes finding good care for your eyes isn’t about the optics themselves as much as their appearance. Like it or not, as we age the skin in and around the eyes get a bit…lined. Often, this is one of the first places signs of aging creep in. Check out an Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Treatment for example, a natural alternative to Botox. I’m for anything that negates the need to poke needles into my face.

Dry eye relief

Homeopathic comfort

A list of the best of care for your eyes

Okay, truth be told I’m addicted to eye drops. For me anyway, one or two in each eye and I feel like I just drank a pot of coffee without suffering the jitters. Even if you’re not an eye drop junky, cold, harsh winter conditions are on the way, with spring allergy season and summer heat to follow. This natural, homeopathic Dry Eye Relief solution from Easy Comforts will see you through bloodshot itchiness tough weather brings.

Beat eye fatigue

Drops that combat computer strain

A list of the best of care for your eyes

Tired eyes are usually the prelude to just plain feeling tired. Eye drops, the Best of care for your eyes item above, are one solution. Another is to attack tired eyes at the source with a soothing drop. These little bits of magic us anti-oxidants and a natural anti-inflammatory to combat eye fatigue and blurry vision that comes with staring at a computer screen or microscopic reports all day.

Supplements for eyesight

Boost your night vision

A list of the best of care for your eyes

Vitamins for the eyes, and all natural to boot. Word has it that British Royal Air Force pilots used Bilberry extract, Blueberry to the rest of the world, before taking off on raids during WWII for better night vision. From what I understand, they were pretty good at it too so maybe they were on to something the rest of us can learn from. There are several Bilberry supplements to choose from, and for a lot less than you might think.