A list of the best of cell phone stuffContributed by Tim Brugger, Catalogs.com Top 10 Guru

Cell phones have become as much a part of our lives as fast food and political correctness; there’s simply escaping them.

Not that we’d necessarily want to, but the lack of choice is a bit disconcerting. Oh well, since we’ve got ‘em, we may as well doctor them up with a bunch of cool cell phone stuff.

So here’s your list of the best cell phone stuff.

Phone pouch

Not just for nerds

One of the best of cell phone stuff

A pouch is simply a must-have cell phone stuff item. Many cases like this one can be found at Newegg. First of all, this case is neoprene. Even more importantly it’s a Mega Clip Neoprene Pouch, so it can clip on to a bag or belt. Besides, anything “Mega” has to be considered good. Doctor up your slick, modern cell phone with a Mega Clip (they’re not just for nerds anymore).

Cell phone saucer

Multipurpose station

One of the best of cell phone stuff

Anything referred to as a Sound Saucer is a piece of cell phone stuff techie gurus everywhere need to have. If you’re an iPhone user, this saucer does everything the infamous Ginzu Knife can do, and more. While it’s charging your phone you can crank up the tunes and get JBL quality sound and it’s USB compatible so you can upload the latest apps with ease.

Screen film

Privacy protection

One of the best of cell phone stuff

“Film” conjures up images of a bathtub that needs cleaning, or maybe teeth that need brushing; both less than pleasant pictures. But this film is the good kind of film, particularly if you’re out in public or have a busybody in or around you when texting or emailing. You just slide this film over the screen and voila, your nosy neighbors will need to find someone else to spy on.

Phone bling

Add some charm

One of the best of cell phone stuff

If you’ve wondered how in the world you’ve survived as long as you have without bedazzling your cell phone, take heart. Jewelry stores, especially those that sell charms, often have a full line of cell phone stuff, including this Mickey Mouse charm to doctor up the most blah of phones. You are now free to be seen in public, joining the rest of our bejangled society.