Urban chic fashion is elegant, stylish, practical, and classy, all at the same time.

Add an urban twist and a dash of hipster, some old-fashioned glam, and you will have a look that is perfect for work, and fun to wear too.

10. Faux Fur

faux fur at Fabulous Furs

Go uptown and downtown in one fell swoop with a colorful faux fur in a graphic print that is cut oversized and scaled for movement over your favorite skinny jeans or tailored skirt. Choose faux fur that doesn’t pretend to be anything else. You want spare details, modern color, and a super-star dash of fun.

9. Metallics

metallic scarf

Add urban sensibility to your work look with metallics. While a silver skirt or glittery tank top might not be work-appropriate, a dash of metallic via a gold belt or shining accents on a velvet scarf are great additions to your wardrobe.

8. Distressed and Artistically Ripped

ripped jeans

You may need to enlist an artist friend if your budget can’t accommodate high-fashion distressed jeans. The fit should either be super-skinny or boyfriend, and the rips must look both intentional and casual. Paired with chic pumps and a tailored shirt, this look will work for casual Friday or in a super-fashionable office environment.

7. Funky Embellishments

urban chic embellished fashion

Embellishments can take your wardrobe from urban to urban chic. Opt for feathers, crystals, beads and ornamental fabric details. Make sure that embellishments don’t look overdone by opting for monochromatic outfits.

6. Practical Flats

flats at Born Shoes

Urban implies miles of long city blocks, subway tunnels, and hopping buses. If you work all day at a fast-paced job, you are also likely on your feet. Practical flats will keep you comfortable and put together if you choose styles that are classic and well-made. Spend as much on your flats you do on your pumps; this is not the place to scrimp on your office look.

5. High-Rise Pants

high rise pants

These are not your mom-pants. Modern, slim-legged high rise slacks look professional and urban with or without a blazer. Pair with a fitted graphic tee or Euro-styled blouse for a super chic attitude.

4. Robe Coats

robe coats at Michael Stars

Comfy and practical, a robe coat ramps up the style of anything you layer it with. A sweater coat has the swing of a robe and the style of classic cardigan – with a whole new attitude. Look for details like shawl collars and big pockets. A robe coat will add slouchy, cool, up-to-the-minute style to your work look.

3. Perfect White Shirt

white blouse at Soft Surroundings

A white blouse can go from desk to board room, to after-work dinner party. Little flourishes like ruffled sleeves and mother-of-pearl buttons make it both special and classic. For an urban chic fit, look for waist darts and a tailored fit.

2. Splash of Red

red pants at Talbots

All-black used to be the must for an urban chic look. You can keep your favorite black basics, and add a hot shot of red to bring your office look up to date. Choose a stylish pair of red check ankle pants, a red sweater, or super exciting red pumps.

1. Statement Sunglasses

sunglasses at Neiman Marcus

Sunglasses are the one accessory that should arrive wearing, and put on as you walk out the door. Nothing is simpler and more chic than a pair of designer sunglasses. People will remember you by the sunglasses you wear, we promise you. Make sure they are urban, chic, and all about business.

by Catalogs.com Info Guru Samantha Rose