Creative, imaginative and popular decor themes for children's bedrooms

Creative, imaginative and popular decor themes for children’s bedrooms

SugeDecorating a child’s bedroom with unique decor, accessories and personalized themes has become one of the hottest trends in interior design. Certainly, kids need their own space. Ideally, a child’s bedroom should serve as a private retreat from the stresses and busy schedules of daily life.  

Designers and parents alike have gone to the ends of the earth to find or create whimsical, imaginative, complex, colorful and even elegant decor themes that reflect a child’s unique tastes, desires, style and personality.

Are you considering a bedroom design project or interior make-over for you child’s favorite space? Many interior designers recommend starting the process with a particular item in mind as a reference point, or by selecting fabrics or bedding. To design a child’s room inspired by bedding, begin by selecting bedding or fabric colors and patterns. Selecting fabrics in advance actually makes it considerably easier to match paint colors, furniture, decor, accessories and other touches.

Wondering how to design a child’s room inspired by bedding? Here is a list of the most creative, imaginative and popular contemporary decor themes for childrens bedrooms, along with some helpful tips, suggestions and product ideas to complement your project inspired by children’s bedding design.  


Design a Child’s Room Inspired by Bedding: Themes, Tips and Suggestions:  

Garden Flowers, Butterflies and Bug Themes: 

Perfect for little girls who love the great outdoors, colors and sunshine. As you select bedding colors, think pink, green yellow and light blue. For fun, hang prisms in her windows so rainbows may dance on her walls. Colorful, handwoven novelty rugs shaped as lady bugs or dragonflies will be a perfect touch. Delicate butterfly percales will enhance the atmosphere. Simple, classic white furniture will look elegant with this theme, colorful shams can add character. Bedding and curtains will be easy to change as a little girl develops into a pre-teen and teenager, while simple, tasteful furniture will last through the years.

Aquatic/Sea Life Themes: 

These themes have been equally popular with boys and girls alike. Little boys will love quilts and comforters or bedding featuring great white sharks. Little girls may prefer a children’s bedding design that features colorful tropical fish or beach scenes and palm trees. Add a soothing nightlight made from a conch shell.  Select tranquil blues, turquoise, aquamarine, greens and white for paint colors. Add to the aquatic theme and design a bedding inspired kids room with a real salt water tropical fish tank as the centerpiece!

Rainforest or Jungle Bedroom: 

Another theme that has been popular with both boys and girls. Other variations on this theme include, safari, Indiana Jones, or Hawaiian/tropical island themes. Decorate the walls with real photographs of wild animals, or maps, or consider hiring an artist to paint a colorful jungle or animal mural on the walls.

Nautical Theme: 

Inspire your little one to dream of maritime adventures! Many home goods stores and online sites for children’s decor offer sheets and bedding featuring images of anchors, pirate ships, etc. When selecting solid colors, consider dark and light shades of blue, white and red. Decorate the walls with maps, colorful authentic buoys, vintage life preservers, flags, nets or nautical illustrations.  Distressed wood furniture is a great match for nautical themed bedrooms.

Sports Theme: 

Sports bedroom decor themes will be hugely popular with little boys!  Bedding items such as the play ball quilt featuring baseballs, soccer balls, footballs and basket balls will be ideal. Add unique touches with sports themed wall appliques, or a trophy shelf to display plaques, trophies, awards, or personal items such as autographed baseballs, baseball card sets, etc.  

Punk Rock or Skateboard Theme: 

Guitar whirl percale bedding has been a recent favorite among young punk rockers and guitar hero. To spice up the walls, add posters or autographed photographs of your child’s favorite musicians, bands and albums. Funky accessories such as microphone shaped lamps, lava lamps, and colorful Ed Hardy inspired throw rugs are another great touch. Punk rock children’s bedding design looks can also be created with images of skateboards, snowboards, surfers and BMX bikes.

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