Meaningful children's birthstone jewelry for mom is a treasured gift

Meaningful children’s birthstone jewelry for mom is a treasured gift

Coming up with a perfect gift for mom used to be as simple as gluing macaroni to a box.

Remember leaving your little paint-dipped handprints on a shirt and making her a breakfast of cereal and toast? Personalized jewelry takes those same sentiments and refines them with lovely results.

Shopping for a mom – whether she?s your mom, sister, best friend or wife ? is something people tend to make harder than it needs to be. There?s the fear of spending hard earned money on something that winds up in the junk drawer. Overthinking what will make her life easier, more comfortable or better in some obvious way is a habit you can break.

Children?s birthstone jewelry for mom is beautiful and something she can wear every day. It adds personal, but subtle meaning to fine jewelry. If she has an empty nest or works long hours, this is a sweet, tangible way to keep her children close to her heart.

How to choose

As the giver, many of the hard decisions are made for you when you choose birthstone pieces. You don?t have to fish for clues on her favorite colors or gemstones. All you need to do is choose the type of jewelry and, of course, the correct birthstone. Design options are endless, including small stones set in a simple metal cut, stones set in a cross pendant, on a pin or in the heart of a snowflake.


If the answer isn?t obvious, consider the pieces you see her wear most often. Find a sneaky way to ask, for instance, why she always wears necklaces and never bracelets. This could mean she doesn?t have bracelets and would love one, or it may be that she finds them uncomfortable.

For mothers of two or more

Children?s birthstone jewelry for mom is for families of all sizes. In fact, customizing a pendant, ring or bracelet with multiple stones is a fun, creative challenge. Regardless of the combination, these stones don?t clash. Designers will guide you on style choices and metals to help create unique jewelry for mom.

Some designs set heart-shaped stones side by side while others, say for a bracelet, will spread them out along a silver chain. When selecting the order of stones, a logical choice is to follow the birth order. For very large families, a charm bracelet offers an elegant canvas with room for additional charms that recognize her passions.


Certain types of jewelry lend themselves best to specific holidays and occasions. Wedding anniversaries and Valentine?s Day are a time for romantic gifts. A pendant or ring featuring the couple?s birthstone?s would be more appropriate.

Mother?s Day, her birthday and Christmas are all fitting occasions for children?s birthstone jewelry for mom. Have the year, initials or corresponding names engraved to further personalize the piece.

Always in style

A fantastic perk of this type of jewelry is that birthstones never go out of fashion. She?ll be able to wear it every year and season. The piece can stand on its own against an elegant outfit for formal events and enhance an ever-stylish, casual wardrobe.

Deep meaning

The custom of assigning a specific stone to a birth month goes all the way back to the first century. So it?s no surprise the meaning of this jewelry goes deep. 

Some cultures believe wearing the birthstone brings good fortune to the individual, something mothers naturally want for their offspring. Additionally, it?s said to ward off negative energy and prevent illness.

Family heirlooms represent a treasured piece of personal history. Giving her a necklace or charm bracelet that represents her children is a timeless gesture she?ll hold dear always.