chocolate shopsby Info Guru Oliver Vandervoort

Chocolate. We love the smell of it, we love the texture of it, we love the look of it and of course, we love the taste of it.

I’m not talking about the kind of chocolate you’re finding at the local gas station snack shop. We’re talking about the kind of chocolate that makes your mouth water. That gas station chocolate will cover you in a pinch but we all want to find the very best chocolate shops in the world. Now you will at least have a list of the top 10 chocolate shops for real chocolate lovers at your fingertips.

10. Tumbador Chocolate

Tumbador Chocolate

Located in Brooklyn, New York, this chocolate and sweets shop has been around for quite a while thanks to the fact that it’s artisanal treats are among the best in the world. Best of all is that this chocolate store encourages you to select a confection that’s ready made, or you can have them craft something to your specific desires.

9. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory might have started out in Colorado but the company now has shops all over the country. The store is well known for making designer treats – such as chocolate dipped potato chips – that will make your mouth water.

8. Lindt


Lindt is one of the oldest chocolate shops around, having been established in Switzerland. This is another local company gone global as you can find their packaged chocolates and candy products all over the world. The company’s specialty has long been their truffles, which come in all kinds of flavor combinations.

7. Mrs. Prindables

Mrs. Prindables

When it comes to chocolate shops, you might think you want a little more variety than what Mrs. Prindables has to offer, until you actually taste their apple, caramel and chocolate creations. The company specializes in confection covered apples and because they’ve narrowed their focus, they’ve perfected this taste treat for chocolate fans.

6. Alma Chocolates

Alma Chocolates

Some of the shops on this list have managed to branch out but Alma has made itself one of the very best because it has stayed small and local. Located in Portland, Oregon, it’s one of the only artisanal chocolate shops in the area. That’s allowed it to stake its claim — and improve upon it.

5. Artisan Confections

Artisan Confections

Like a few other shops on this list, Artisan Confections has managed to make a name for itself by focusing on one area of the chocolate craft. This Virginia based shop is able to make all kinds of wonderful looking and tasting bonbons.

4. Compartes Chocolatier

Compartes Chocolatier

Based in Los Angeles, Compartes Chocolatier has made a name for itself the world over by mixing wonderful fruits with incredible chocolate. Customers can get this candy confection in a number of different varieties including bon bons and chocolate fruit bars, as well as chocolate covered fruit.

3. Jean Philippe Patisserie

Jean Philippe Patisserie

There are places known for decadent chocolate and then there are places known for decadent chocolate. Jean Philippe Patisserie is well known for boasting a chocolate fountain. The store also has rows and rows of pastries, bon bons and truffles with unusual flavors all ready to eat.

2. Les Chocolats de Chloe

Les Chocolats de Chloe

Les Chocolats de Chloe is a uniquely Canadian experience that allows people to see as many truffles as they likely see in their dreams, all lovingly created by the master Chocolatier, Chloe. The truffles are decorated with only natural ingredients, giving that special artisan touch.

1. Recchiuti


Recchiuti’s claim to fame, like other stores on this list is its bonbons. The flavors mixed with the decadent chocolate makes this San Francisco treat shop one of the best in the world.