Choosing sports themed promo products

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Tips for choosing sports themed promo products to boost corporate identity

Tips for choosing sports themed promo products to boost corporate identity

You can boost your company’s sense unity and morale when you put your logo in play on any field. You also reap the benefits of encouraging fitness in your workforce. Your corporate identity follows your folks home as they run and work out in parks and gyms in their leisure time. They will appreciate the giveaway as well.

Remember that promo products are a means to create enjoyment and teamwork. You gain advantage in the market not just through the display, but through the feeling of togetherness you are generating. 

There are advantages when individuals move from seeing themselves as merely a working group to feeling that they are members of a true team. They begin to open up with ideas, help share in responsibilities and become more able to solve problems and set goals together.

Although these people may spend a lot of time together at the workplace, they rarely get the chance to learn about each other’s lives. Sports give them a way to do that and let off a bit of steam in the process. That lessens pressure back in the office.

What can you find?

Choosing from the great variety out there can be daunting. You can order almost any sports-themed item with your choice of colors and company stamp on it. Arranged in any combination, you can highlight your business and make a real impression on anyone with a view from the bleachers. You don’t need to break the budget, since many of these things can be ordered in quantity.

For players, there are any number of items of apparel ready to go for team or individual athletes. Sport caps are necessary for all kinds of outdoor fun. For warm weather, there are polos that wick moisture and provide comfort. There are tees and jersey shirts for play. For the sidelines you can find wind jackets, zip sweats, pullover hoodies, warmup pants and towels. 

For the game itself, your logo can fly through the court on a basketball, or over the diamond on a baseball. You can put your logo in motion in golf, football and soccer, as well.

You can take it as far as you like. Think about all the accessories that go along with any activity. For thirsty players, you can locate an assortment of aluminum or biodegradable plastic water bottles. Hand them out from a branded cooler. There is a vast array of duffels and carry bags for all your equipment, clothing and other gear.

Not everyone in your ranks may be able to participate in the action. Try not to leave them out. For spectators, you can offer scarves, blankets or knit caps in the cold, and umbrellas against the rain. There are even stadium cushions for comfort and noisemakers so that they can cheer the team on.

You don’t have to confine your imagination to the field. If your group pitches in at a charity event, you can deck it out in caps with your logo. You can stamp your brand on binoculars. You can hand out print copies of the season schedule if you’re participating in a league. If you can dream of it, it’s likely to be out there.

Unique color choices can make your people stand out in a crowd at a big conference or trade show. You can pick themed glasses or mugs as game souvenirs. You can provide rewards like trophies, watches and flying discs. These take-homes remind people of good times spent with their colleagues and grant a sense of accomplishment. With your goal in mind, just stay steady, aim and take your best shot.