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Christmas Gifts for a New Boyfriend

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

young couple Contributed by Info Guru Lindsay Shugerman

It’s going really well with your new guy. Sure, you’ve only been together for a couple of months…or maybe a few weeks. But you’re sure it’s going somewhere great. You’ve reached the boyfriend/girlfriend stage, and it feels good.

But then WHAM! Along comes Christmas, with its expectations of exchanging gifts and you’re stumped. What are good Christmas gifts for a new boyfriend that won’t scare him off just when the two of you are getting close? You want to say you care, but not too much. You want to keep some wiggle room, but still not too much of that either.

Here are ten ideas that will work for a holiday (or birthday) gift for that special new guy in your life without sending him running for the hills.

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10. A copy of your favorite book


If the two of you share a love of reading, giving him a copy of your favorite book of all time is a good choice for this stage of the relationship. It says you want to share something of yourself without getting too personal. (A word or two of caution: skip this idea if your favorite book is a straight on romance or is in a genre he doesn’t like. The first can be seen as too pushy, and the latter forces him to try and like something that’s not his style.)

9. Concert tickets

snow patrol concert ticket

Sharing an evening listening to a favorite band isn’t just a great date, it’s a wonderful idea for gift. If one of his favorite bands is coming to town and tickets aren’t too over the top (save the pricey front row seats for later in the relationship), grab a pair. If the concert is around the holidays, it’s a sweet way to celebrate together. If it’s a few months out, it sends the message that you plan to still be together.

8. Dinner (or lunch) for two

food gift basket

Treat your sweetie to lunch or dinner at a favorite restaurant. Or surprise him with a gift certificate to that new little place you both wanted to try. Or send him a gift basket containing the ingredients for a delicious dinner for two, with a note promising to cook it whenever he wants.

7. Toys for his office

toy robot

Who doesn’t love toys? If your guy is the child-at-heart sort, make him smile with a selection of silly toys for his office or apartment. Almost anything will work, from wind up toys to silly puppets, RC cars to Lego sets. The key is to figure out what kinds of things inspire his little boy side, then find toys to match.

6. Something from your first date location or event

malibu beach towel

If the two of you met at certain event, during a holiday or over an activity, a gift that reminds him of that day is a good choice. If you met while ice skating, and talked over hot chocolate, a mug with a skating theme filled with packets of gourmet chocolate might be nice. If you came together at the beach, a beach towel from that location is a thoughtful choice.

5. Gifts for his pet

dog with toy

If you’re worried about moving too fast and scaring him off, you might want to give him a present for his dog or cat instead of something too personal. Dog toys, healthy pet treats, or a cat bed all say you care about what matters to him.

4. Team logo gear

team logo  hat

If your guy is a sports fan or is proud of his college, you can’t go wrong with a gift featuring his team logo. At the beginning of a relationship clothing might be too personal (your call on that) but there are so many other choices, from cups and mugs to car accessories and desk decorations.

3. A CD or music download


Music is always a good option when you’re thinking about appropriate Christmas gifts for a new boyfriend. Give him the latest release from his favorite artist, a classic album he’s mentioned or something you heard together at a concert.

2. A day at an amusement park

amusement park

Memories are one of the best gifts you can give someone — and a day at an amusement park is filled with the memory-making moments. Make sure you bring a point-and-shoot digital camera to capture the details of the day. That way, the two of you can relive the fun later on.

1. Something for his hobby

woodcarving in progress

If he has a hobby, a gift related to it is a popular choice. If you’re not sure what he wants or needs, ask questions about the hobby — or even better, ask him to show you more about it online so you can get a feel for the tools or accessories involved. Then surprise him with that new wood carving tool, guitar strings or whatever little thing he needs.

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