Church clothing

Your fashionable church clothing can dress to express

Your fashionable church clothing can dress to express

Expressing oneself through church clothing is a creative outlet for many people, no matter their age, gender, race, culture or background. Most everybody loves to dress up, look good and feel good about the way they look.

As a little girl, my mother would often dress us for church in our ?Sunday clothes? and dare us to stay that way until it was time to leave for church. My brothers of course would complain of their too-tight neckties and itchy pants, but us girls would complain too. Imagine tights and dresses with tulle lining…that can make for some pretty uncomfortable Sunday sermons!

But, the early days of dressing up for church helped us all learn to appreciate wanting to look good as adults. Really. Now, there is no substitution for us when it comes to clean, pristine and extra-starched shirts, fashionably-embellished suits, or A-line dresses that grace the knee and are accentuated with a perfectly-matched pair of pumps. Oh yes, how fine it is to dress up!


Clothes are Self-Expression

For us, church clothing was about more than just what we were going to wear to church. It was a way of self-expression and a creative outlet for showing parts of our personalities and tastes. Clothes are a perfect way to convey who you are and how you feel.

When it comes to church clothing, opinions differ on what a person should or should not wear. Should you wear heels or flats? Hosiery or bare-legged? Ties or golf shirts? Suits or sports jackets…or no jacket? What?s right and who?s to say?

Dress Up…or Down?


The way you dress and what you choose as your church clothing is a matter of personal preference and depends on many factors including:

– Church Denomination – Some church denominations have a particular dress code, therefore there are some articles of clothing that are acceptable and unacceptable to wear. Members of those churches are often required to abide by the rules set forth in that organization.

– Worship Times – Many churches have several service times to accommodate those with varying schedules. Many church-goers who attend earlier service times may have to go to work later and may wear their work clothes to worship.

– Special Days – In many churches, there are celebrations of special days and events. Dressing up in certain attire may be a part of the celebration of those special days and may require:

– certain colors (symbolic colors i.e., white dresses for purity, black for mourning, etc.)
– head-dresses like women?s hats, or a kippah or yarmulke (Jewish caps for males)
– robes or gowns for ministers, bishops or priests


Your Choice!

But, more often than not, dressing up your church clothing is usually a matter of choice. Many people from Monday through Friday go to work in their casual attire and on Sunday mornings they may prefer to dress up and look extra special on what is an extra special day. They express themselves in their choice of colors, number of buttons on their suits, height of their heels and the choice of animal skin on their feet.

Yes, it?s the one day of the week where they can look good and feel good as they go to church. Clothing for them is the way to make that expression, and as a once-weekly indulgence, who can blame them?