Clear out clutter

Clear out the clutter in your home with these easy tips for sorting through mess

Clear out the clutter in your home with these easy tips for sorting through mess

Most people think of Spring as the time of year to get your house, garage and maybe even your yard cleaned out. That doesn’t mean that you cannot go about getting your place cleaned up any time of year.

The best way to find the motivation to actually start cleaning up is to have a plan and a place to put the things that you are clearing out. Unless you are truly a neat freak you will always have a little bit of a mess and a little bit of clutter in your home.

Tackle the garage

One place where we tend to get quite a bit of a mess without even meaning to do so is in our garage. Even if you don’t spend an awful lot of time in there, you are going to have things pile up if there is any room for storage at all.

The question getting organized comes down to having a plan and sticking to it. There are all kinds of different ways you can go about getting rid of the stuff you don’t want and keeping the rest in a more orderly fashion. The real answer depends on how big the job is and how long you are willing to devote to the project. If you are just clearing out a space like your garage then all you really need is a place to put the stuff you want to keep. If your garage already has shelves that are built in and taken up, then you can simply bring in more storage shelves that are removable and movable.

There are shelves that are specifically geared towards a garage that come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. You simply need to figure out what it is you are actually going to be storing and where you want to put it. Then bring in the shelves that you think will fit into your plans.


Box up unused belongings

If you are looking to pack up items that you are not going to be going after all that much you can just go with storage materials like corrugated boxes. Get a couple of heavy duty boxes and you can store away the clutter. Mark the boxes and if you do need to find something later you can go back and find it easily. 

You do need to take care when using these boxes that you do not create a whole new setting of clutter with a ton of different boxes all piled on top of one another. Whether talking about a garage or a basement, you don’t want to have rooms piled high with boxes. The point of getting rid of the clutter is so that you can move about and know where everything is piles of boxes or other containers aren’t going to really allow that.

Divide and conquer

You can even come up with a plan to get rid of the clutter on a very small scale and do it in stages. Most people, when talking about small scale clutter, are talking about needing to organize the closet or a drawer.

There are organizers that you can actually insert into drawers that do not currently have organizers that will basically give you drawers within the drawers. This way you can get rid of the clutter of a bunch of silverware or cooking utensils being scattered around the drawer. The same concept can apply to your sock drawer. The organizers there mean that you can separate white socks from colors or you can separate knee highs from ankle high socks. Even getting rid of the clutter on a smaller level like this can help make your life easier.