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How to choose clothing for big and tall men

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

The fashion choices are unlimited.

The fashion choices are unlimited.

Take a gander at biblical King David, on exhibit in Florence, Italy. He’s 18 feet tall and weighs10 tons. He’s magnificent?wearing no clothes. Few ever would wish for dress pants or a silk shirt to be added to that famous statue. Renowned artist Michelangelo rendered him naked and glorious. Or, perhaps choosing clothing for big and tall men was just too tall a task in the 1500s when the marble masterpiece was completed. Luckily, the big and tall men of today have at their command a world of stylish choices.


The fashion industry recognizes that height and girth may be cultural evolutions contributed to by expanded food choices, a longer lifespan and easier access to healthcare. People today seem to be bigger, taller and longer living than ever before.

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An active lifestyle, participation in sports and leisure activities and the mental stimulation provided by an exciting career or other fulfilling work may play a part in longevity. What’s for sure is that choosing clothing for the big and tall men of today’s society is not the insurmountable challenge of yesteryear, when garments mostly were made by hand.


Comfortable attire for big and tall guys is easy to find


Why not conduct an experiment on your next lunch hour or on your day off? Take a few minutes to indulge in the popular sport of people watching. Big and tall guys are everywhere. The ones who walk with confidence and exude a pleasant demeanor seem to be at ease within their clothing. Perhaps they’re out and about in name brand duds from Nautica, Bobby Jones or Burberry. Perhaps they’re in sweats or denims. Something about the swing of the hips and the length of the stride spells out self-satisfaction.


Today, there are unlimited choices for big and tall men. Suits and sportcoats in sizes up to 60 and beyond are not hard to find. Many selections are offered in fabrics that make moving easy for guys who demand comfort but still want the high level of tailoring found in top-notch blazers, well-fitting pants and suit coats. Ralph Lauren long ago began offering fashions for big and tall men. He and other major designers have introduced suit coats and sport jackets constructed of stretch worsted wool with stretch linings. No longer is there any reason for a big man or a tall man to look good but feel confined or stifled.


Get in the swing with easy styles that look good


It’s five o’clock somewhere in the world and that’s the hour when many folks like to relax after work. Maybe there’s time for a frosty beverage with friends, a little volley on the tennis court or a few rounds of golf. The water babies of the big and tall generation usually need little prompting to head for the pool or beach. There is an abundance of attractive clothing for big and tall men who enjoy a round of sports or an hour in the gym.


Fabrics that are easy to wash and quick to dry always are in high demand. Comfort and convenience are top priorities when choosing clothing for big and tall men. Among the perennial favorites are the linen-silk blend shorts and casual wear offered by Polo. Elastic-waist cargo pants also have a staunch following. Classic seersucker swim trunks traditionally feature slimming vertical stripes. Add a pair of deck shoes, leather driving mocs or feather-light Crocs for foot-hugging comfort. Not many know that Crocs can be had in men’s sizes up to 17.


Take a second look to appear slimmer and fitter


Choosing clothing for big and tall men is not difficult when the mirror on the wall is used as a fashion accessory. Some guidelines whose origins come from the world of fine art can be useful in choosing good-looking styles for men of all body types. For example, using a monochromatic palate of colors makes one appear slimmer.


In contrast, a light-toned shirt and dark-toned slacks can make a man with a small upper body look more evenly proportioned. Another tip: pockets on the back of a man’s pants will appear as added bulk; a smoother profile is a sure thing when pants have no rear pockets. Wear what fits. Wear what looks good in the mirror.


Michelangelo’s famous sculpture of David is a masterpiece from any angle. Maybe some day, big and tall men alike will wear spray-on clothing containing space-age moisturizers and sun block. Some men will look like David. Some will not. Until then, if just one fashion mandate is to be embraced by guys of all sizes, let it be this: Too tight? Not right.



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