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Cool Gifts for History Buffs

By Editorial Staff

gifts for history buffsby Info Guru Jay Feldman

Buying that special something for that special someone in your life can be difficult.

This collection of rarities features cool gifts for history buffs, or anyone on your list who already seems to have everything. No matter the occasion, these gifts from days gone by will never go out of style.

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10. Diecast Historical Airplanes

diecast plane

Diecast airplanes have come out of the playground and into a new era of modern flight collectibles. Most battle history lovers will appreciate beautifully detailed airplanes spanning history. Pictured is a scale replica of the Airco D.H. 4, USMC Squadron D, France from 1918, and one of the Wings of the Great War Collection.

9. Umbrellas Featuring Famous Artwork

Umbrellas Featuring Famous Artwork

Add a touch of class and refinement to your next rainy day with a selection of beautiful umbrellas featuring famous paintings of yesteryear. Save your money for, well, a rainy day. Now’s your chance to own a Monet or Van Gogh and admire its beauty while dodging raindrops; all without blowing a few million.

8. Hand Crafted Ancient Relics

Hand Crafted Ancient Relics

If you love the personal touch only a skilled artisan can offer, check out some of these ancient relics from Etsy. Items range from Sumerian statues, to replica Egyptian relics, and even include a few fantasy relics from your favorite movies and TV shows. Pictured is the ancient game of Ra, also known as 20 Squares, which is believed to be the oldest board game in history.

7. National Geographic Puzzles

National Geographic Puzzles

Sure, we all love our newfangled gizmos, but there’s still a lot to be said for good old fashioned puzzling. Explore ancient monuments and civilizations with an interactive app enabled puzzle, or build aerial maps of your home town. However you piece it together, it all adds up to fun.

6. U.S. Supreme Court

U.S. Supreme Court

If you’re a lover of law and order, then you just might find your muse at the Supreme Court Historical Society. They have gavel keychains, statues of the scales of justice, and a weird game called “Lawsuit” that any budding ambulance chaser is sure to love.

5. Airplane Ceiling Fans

Airplane Ceiling Fans

Avionics buffs will love this selection of ceiling fans featuring nose replicas of famous war planes. Pictured is the “Flying Tiger” P-40 Warhawk flown in World War II. Find an aviation themed store and you might also find a replica P-51 Mustang, Corsair and Sopwith Camel. All fans feature high-efficiency motors, near silent operation, replica propeller blades and authentic nose art. These would make a great addition to any man cave.

4. Authentic Titanic Collectables

Authentic Titanic Collectables

Over 100 years since its infamous demise, the R.M.S. Titanic still evokes an air of mystery and wonderment. With some searching, you can find some really cool gifts for history buffs featuring authentic Titanic artifacts from this iconic wreckage. Pictured is a replica newspaper framed with an authentic wood fragment recovered from a floating door while the cable steamer, Minia, was on a body recovery mission in the North Atlantic; talk about wow factor.

3. American History Reproductions

American History Reproductions

This pair of replica Wayfarer sunglasses were worn by President Kennedy back in the day. They come from a collection of American history gifts that includes busts of Lincoln and Franklin, playing cards, ties and coins. Now you can pretend you’re the POTUS with a classic look that never goes out of style.

2. Replica Sculptures and Figurines

replica statues

If knickknacks are your fancy, then you should consider decorating your space with some historical sculptures and replica figures. Pictured is a goddess statue, which was used during ancient fertility rituals. A fascinating selection of replica rarities from around the globe includes statues like Krishna & Radha, Beethoven, Aphrodite and Michelangelo’s David, just to name a few; breakout your feather duster.

1. NASA Space Craft Models

NASA Space Craft Models

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A space themed shop will have some neat gifts from our brief history in space. The Apollo 11 Command Module pictured is autographed by Buzz Aldrin and was limited to 1969 units in commemoration for this vessel’s epic journey in 1969. Choose from an awesome selection of space shuttles, rocket, apparel and buildable models. Bonus is the item comes with a certificate of authenticity; truly cool gifts for history buffs.


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