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Cool Things for Cooks

By Editorial Staff

things for cooksContributed by Info Guru Terri Wallace

There is a plethora of gadgets and doo-dads available for nearly every kitchen need.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune filling your drawers with unnecessary kitchenware. Here are some cool things for cooks that will actually get used and not just take up space.

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10. Nostalgic Glassware

Nostalgic Glassware

Clear out the fussy glassware and make room for a bit of nostalgia with drinkware that harkens to a simpler time. These old-fashioned mugs call to mind granny’s mason jars, filled to the brim—perfect for indulging in a cold glass of lemonade or iced tea on the veranda as the summer sun slips behind the rooftops and the cicada begin their song.

9. Take and Bake-ware

Take and Bake-ware

When a neighbor is feeling under the weather, or family calls welcoming a new addition to their brood, it is time to cook up some comfort with a casserole or hot dish. Keep the mess and fuss to a minimum with easy take and bake-ware. These disposable pans allow recipients to heat them up in the same dish, with your heating instructions written right on the container, with no pots or dishes to wash and return to you. Now isn’t that thoughtful?

8. Food Processor

Food Processor

Put an end to the long prep times with a food processor. Slice, dice, chop, and grate with the touch of a button! Finally, all of those labor-intensive recipes seem much more do-able, even if you don’t have the knife skills of Bobby Flay.

7. Hands Free Baggy Holder

Hands Free Baggy Holder

Save mess and waste with this handy hands-free baggy holder. No more soaked cabinets or spilled leftovers. Simply attach the baggy and pour your favorite soup, sauce, or leftover into a storage or freezer bag for a convenient and easy way to save food without the mess!

6. Cutting Boards

Cutting Boards

Cutting boards don’t just save your counter they also help prevent the spread of salmonella and other bacteria. Use a plastic cutting board for your meat items, and use a separate cutting board for fruit and vegetable items. For added convenience, consider utilizing a flexible cutting board that allows you to easily pour the cut foods directly into your pot or pan.

5. Standing Mixer

Standing Mixer

A standing mixing is the baker’s best friend. Whip up airy meringues, fluffy whipped creams, and lumpless cookie batters while saving your wrists from ache and injury. Many newer models also offer additional attachments that allow for meat grinding, pasta extruding, citrus juicing, and sausage stuffing. By investing in a single item that allows for this type of culinary diversification, the home chef can keep the kitchen clutter to a minimum.

4. Strainers and Colanders

Strainers and Colanders

While it is certainly possible to simply tip your pot of pasta to drain it, you should expect to lose a fair number of noodles in the process. Not only will a strainer keep your pasta from sliding down the drain, it will also assist with rinsing fruit and vegetables.

3. Cast Iron Cookware

 Cast Iron Cookware

For the perfect fried chicken, many consider cast iron cookware a necessity. A well-seasoned cast iron pan is perfect for searing beef, frying poultry, and even baking a pan of cornbread. It seems that nearly every Southern dish is made more delish when prepared with this iconic cookware.

2. Aprons


Aprons are not just a relic of the past. Aprons have come a long way from the functional frock covers of yesteryear. Now, aprons are the hallmark of the fashionable home cook and can serve as a way to show off your personal interests as well as your culinary prowess.

1. Cooling Racks

Cooling Racks

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These handy racks are not just for cooling cookies. They are also perfect for draining the grease off bacon, using as make-shift stacking racks in the refrigerator, and use it as a make-shift trivet to keep hot pots and pans off your countertop.


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