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Corporate Green Space Ideas

By Editorial Staff

corporate green spaceby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

The first thing that comes to mind when people think of a professional environments is probably not a quiet bench or awe-inspiring view, but eco-friendly spaces are spreading fast in the corporate world.

The grind of commuting and holding down an office job is stressful. It’s in a company’s best interest to provide places where workers can clear their minds take a deep breath and re-energize mid-day.

These ten corporate green space ideas are both good for the planet and the people on it.

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10. Picnic tables outside

Picnic tables outside

Lunch is the most logical part of the work day when employees can get some fresh air and much-needed Vitamin D. And yet many choose to eat at their desks. Placing durable picnic tables in the courtyard, roof deck or other outdoor areas welcomes people to enjoy their lunch outdoors and recharge. An added benefit is that they encourage socializing, which can strengthen work relationships.

9. Creative nooks

Creative nooks

Companies that want their employees to think outside the box should provide an environment for them to do so. Use furniture made from recycled and sustainable materials like bamboo flooring to create nooks that inspire imagination. Use vibrant colors like purple to stimulate ambition, creativity and independent thinking.

8. Office gardens

Office gardens

One of the most versatile corporate green space ideas is office vegetable gardens. You can start one using containers if you don’t have outdoor space. Growing food is rewarding, motivates healthier eating habits and cultivates a stronger community feel. It also provides a way for people to keep their bodies occupied while allowing their minds to problem solve.

7. Let there be light

Let there be light

Natural light is essential for maintaining a healthy body. Unfortunately, older office buildings with their small windows and corner offices that block light from the majority of workers weren’t built with this in mind. Install natural spectrum lamps and bulbs for a more attractive lighting that boosts the atmosphere and mood without exposing people to harmful UV rays.

6. Bike racks

Bike racks

Install bike racks outdoors and set aside a corner indoors to hang or park them when the weather gets bad. This encourages more employees to pedal to work year round, which is better for their health and the environment. Encouraging a healthy corporate culture is a benefit of working in a green office. It can be that simple.

5. Sliding boards rule

Sliding boards rule

Conserving energy is critical for the future health of the planet. But did you know conserving human energy is extremely valuable, too? Install indoor slides and people will get from upper to lower floors faster than you can say “Weeeeeeeee.” Slides also boost retention and attract the best and brightest minds because who doesn’t want to fly down a few stories every day?

4. Landscape the office

Landscape the office

Bring the energy of the outdoors in with hanging plants along the walls and rails. You can also liven up the views by installing plant boxes out the windows. Plant cheerful tulips and daffodils, a mix of herbs, and lush plants like ferns.

3. Air flow

Air flow

Modern businesses are tossing old, stale space arrangements out the window. Corporate green space ideas bring a new take on old layouts. Use walls to divide larger areas without sacrificing air flow by making use of half walls or even hanging walls that put plants at eye level rather than a boring blank wall.

2. Stick and rope screens

Stick and rope screens

Designing with an eye on versatility allows a company to manipulate a space to suit its changing needs. Stick and rope screens are clever room dividers made from natural materials. Modular screens mask sounds so companies can easily construct private and scaleable spaces for meetings.

1. Sun-powered


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Installing solar panels on the roof allows the building to capture solar energy. Companies use this to power operations. You can sell back remaining energy to utility companies to first pay for the cost of the panels and then serve as a passive revenue stream. Many companies are adding them to parking lots as well to keep cars cool while absorbing as much energy as possible.


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