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Costume Ideas for the Office

By Editorial Staff

Contributed by Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

Costumes are a fun way to dress up and be somebody or something else if only for a day.

Costumes typically consist of fun and playful clothing, accessories and items that people don to look like another person, thing, animal or object. Halloween is a time of year when costumes are most popularly worn as the holiday revolves around dressing up and trick-or-treating for candy or for Halloween party-hopping.

Although dressing up is typically reserved for the candy-laden October holiday, they can also be worn on other Holidays such as Christmas or Easter, a time when Santa outfits and Easter bunnies are prominent. Costumes can be worn for kid’s birthday parties, masquerade balls, sporting events or any costume parties thrown by friends, families or work colleagues. Many work settings hold office parties for employees, employers and guests on special occasions and holidays. Consider the following top 10 costume ideas for the office and start planning your own outfit today!

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10. Superhero

super hero

Dressing up as a superhero is one of the top costume ideas for the office. There are a vast array of superheroes to choose from to suit your preferences including Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, Thor and Iron-Man. Most superhero costumes are easy to find or make on your own as well since they usually involve a cape, tights and fitted bodice shirt.

9. Cat


A cat costume may seem old-fashioned and boring, but it can be anything but ordinary. If you dress up as a cat for an office costume party, it can save you hours in searching for hard-to-find costume pieces. Simply add cut-out cat ears to a black, shiny headband and don a black mask over eyes. Draw cat whiskers on cheeks and put on a sleek black leotard to have office mates purring over you.

8. Ghost


Sure, it may seem like dressing up as a Ghost is so passé, however ghosts can leave your office mates guessing who’s hiding under the white sheet. Cover yourself up completely in a white outfit but be sure to poke out a couple of eye holes and a hole for the mouth so you can still enjoy some beverages.

7. Celebrity


Dressing up as a celebrity for an office costume party can be a fun way to let out your inner diva. Celebrity-dressing can be easy if you have a resemblance to a famous Hollywood starlet, but don’t let a lack thereof stop you from taking the leap. Don a blonde wig and go as Marilyn Monroe or mousse up your hair with some gel for an Elvis impersonation.

6. Sports player

Sports player

Some great costume ideas for the office include dressing as professional athletes or sporting players. A baseball player can make for an easy costume if you have your own league shirt and a ball-cap. Simply smear some black marks under your eyes and grab a ball-glove and you’re set to party!

5. Witch


Witch costumes are not just for children or trick-or-treating anymore. Rather, disguising yourself as a witch is a classic costume outfit for any office party or holiday. Keep it basic by donning a black cape and tall, black hat or spruce up your look with some face-makeup and a broom for flying!

4. Vending machine

Vending machine

Get creative with your costume for the office by dressing up as a vending machine. Simply dress yourself all in black and then safety-pin snacks such as chocolate bars, chip bags and gum wrappers to your outfit. You can even turn it into a money-making opportunity by charging co-workers a buck for a treat!

3. Post-It


A costume idea inspired straight out of the office is to dress up as a Post-It note. Wear all yellow, pink or blue – common post-its colors – and then attach a bunch of sticky notes all over your clothes.

2. Pink slip

Pink slip

Among the funny costume ideas for the office is that of dressing up as a pink-slip. Pink-slips illicit fear and angst among employees as it signifies being laid-off from your job. Dress up in a pink outfit such as a leotard and tights and wear a pink lingerie slip over your clothes for a funny effect.

1. Pumpkin


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Dressing up in a pumpkin costume for the office can be fun and creative if you put some thought into it. Look for a proper pumpkin costume at a costume or retail store for the full effect or simply create your own at home. Wear green leggings and shirt underneath a bright orange dress. Paint your face orange and attach leaves to your hair for a just-picked-from-the-pumpkin-patch effect.


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