Country colors for your home

Country colors for your home are nostalgic, cozy and inviting

Country colors for your home are nostalgic, cozy and inviting

Many people love the whole country-inspired look, but they might not know how to go about decorating their homes that way.

One of the first things you can do to get your home looking like it is out of the country is to choose a color palette that is often seen in country-style homes. You can then work those colors into your d?cor through table linens, paint color and accent furniture. You will come out with a home that is country and chic at the same time.

But what country colors do you choose? Whatever looks good!

Cornflower Blue

Perhaps one of the most popular country colors is cornflower blue. When you style your home with decorations in shades of blue – especially cornflower blue – it is instantly transformed into a cozy country cottage.

You can paint the walls this soft color, or you can work it into accents throughout your home. For instance, curtains, bed linens, lamp shades and even pictures that feature cornflower blue will add a pop to your d?cor that is unmistakeably country. If you’ve always wanted a country bedroom, go ahead and throw that soft blue comforter on your bed and cover your windows with curtains of the same hue.



Pale yellow is a hue that is often seen in county homes. This pop of color brightens up the room and your home. Kitchens and bathrooms often look fabulous when painted this soft color.

Yellow also complements cornflower blue and when the two are paired together they create country magic. You could paint the walls yellow, then place blue accents throughout the room. You may be surprised at just how well the two colors play off of each other. You could also pair while and yellow together and still have a home-style country look.


Soft red is often seen in country-style homes. Instead of bright and bold, this country red is soft and has burgundy tones. The red goes perfect with a variety of different colors, including white and cornflower blue. This color combination is perfect if you are going for an Americana look. Additionally, the red is an ideal color with which to decorate your kitchen.

For instance, napkins and tablecloths that feature the soft hue of red add a touch of color to your room and provide just the right amount of brightness.


White is an ideal choice for a country home, as it goes with just about any color. To look most country-like, however, you can’t choose a stark white; it should have an antique look to it.

You can have a white base for your room, and decorate it with accents that feature other country colors. For instance, a bedroom that features white wainscoting, white linens and white rugs can be taken to the next level when there’s a cornflower blue blanket thrown over the bed or chair, yellow lamp shades or even red throw pillows. If you have a wooden floor, take your room to the next country level by painting it white. You’ll likely be amazed at how much of an affect doing so has on a room.

The country look is quite popular and for good reason: it’s charming and can turn just about any home into a comfortable, enjoyable setting. It’s easy to choose country colors when you let your imagination take off. Just about any idea you can think of can be accomplished with the help of the right colors.


Country Living: Color Palettes for Your Home