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Crazy Flavored Snacks

By Editorial Staff

weird tastesby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

On average, people have about 10,000 taste buds telling them when something is salty, sour, spicy, bitter, sweet and many combinations in between.

So it’s no surprise that many of us are intrigued by unusual foods.

These crazy flavored snacks will stimulate your palette and perhaps inspire more foodie travels.

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10. Soda flavored crunchies

soda flavored

Japan has everything – cherry blossoms, snow monkeys, countless natural hot springs. It’s also the home of soda flavored crunchies, everything from Pepsi Cheetos to Mountain Dew Doritos once called Quest. How well these go with ramen is unclear, but it’s hard to think of a better snack for pulling an all-nighter.

9. Cheesy, chocolaty cinnamon popcorn goodness

Cheesy, chocolaty cinnamon popcorn goodness

Crazy flavored snacks come in all shapes and colors, perhaps none as tempting as cheddar, caramel and chocolate popcorn flavors, separated in the colorful tin for you to mix-and-match your own taste sensation. The only challenge is choosing how to get a little of each in your mouth all at once to maximize the experience. This dreamy combination gives you the best of all popcorn worlds in one handful and a balance of crunchy and creamy.

8. Minty chips

Minty chips

Sometimes it’s not so much the flavor that throws us as finding it in an unexpected place. Mint works in sweets and teas, but have you ever have tried a chili and mint chip? Popular in India and Pakistan, minty potato chips with lime and chili might be a perfect match for creamy dips.

7. Spicy fruit

Spicy fruit

Make your own unique snack with items you already have. Spice up some fresh or fancy dried fruit with some chili powder, a pinch of salt and a squeeze of lime juice. The subtle heat brings out the juicy sweetness. You’ll find this simple street munchie throughout Vietnam and Mexico.

6. Grilled corn Kit Kats

Grilled corn Kit Kats

It seems Japan is the place to go for crazy flavored snacks. A grilled corn Kit Kat sounds strange to those accustomed to the standard chocolate offering. Give it chance. The smoky sweetness of grilled corn combined with the wafer and thin spread of cream in the middle, sounds pretty crave-able.

5. Spicy peanut butter sandwich

Spicy peanut butter sandwich

Nothing beats childhood’s classic sandwich combination of creamy peanut butter and fruity jelly. But there’s always room for a tasty twist. Peanut butter lovers looking for something different ought to try drizzling sriracha sauce over a spread of peanut butter (instead of jelly) and topping it with a fried egg. You know you want to.

4. Italian dinner in a slushie

Italian dinner in a slushie

For when you just can’t decide between a slushie and slice of pizza or bowl of spaghetti, Quebec has an answer. It may not be the right answer, but it’s an option. Welcome to the land of pizza and –ghetti slurpies. Best of luck.

3. Cheese and jam

Cheese and jam

Cheese and berries are often paired. Cheese and jam, not so much. Spread preserves on a slice of gourmet Wisconsin cheese and your taste buds will take you to a happy place. One popular variation is spreading jam on top of a gooey grilled cheese sandwich.

2. Bear and sausage chips

Bear and sausage chips

No doubt, Japan’s snacks are leaving the rest of the world in its weirdly appealing dust. If you thought soda chips were offbeat, brace yourself. Mountain Dew was just the gateway flavor. Now you’ve graduated to beer and sausage flavored chips, soft-shell crab Pringles and for dessert a wasabi Kit Kat.

1. Seaweed cheese doughnuts

Seaweed cheese doughnuts

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Maybe savory doughnuts aren’t your thing. Maybe you just haven’t gone to Singapore and tried a seaweed cheese one yet? Seaweed is surprisingly versatile and both add the umami flavor many foodies look for. Would this flavor go well with coffee? Probably so since Dunkin Doughnuts offers it. It would certainly be memorable.


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