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Creative Blogging Ideas

By Editorial Staff

creative blogging ideasContributed by Info Guru Terri Wallace

Blogging can be hard.

It is hard to come up with topics, and fresh content, and quality images week after week. And, even when you do, it still takes time to build an audience. Here are some ways to keep your blogging fresh and creative as you find your niche.

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10. See What’s Trending

 See What’s Trending

Check out Topsy to find out what is trending in order to ensure that your blog post is relevant. If the entire world seems to be talking about a political event, or a celebrity scandal, or some other up-to-the minute scenario, it may not be the best time to post about organizing your closet.

9. Q&A Websites

Q&A Websites

Some questions have been asked so many times that a correct response is just a click away. But other questions are just now being answered, or they have not been answered adequately. These are the questions that your readers need a response to; you just have to find out what those questions are. To do so, check out a Q&A website like Quora, and discover what people are asking. You can then craft a blog post that has a waiting audience.

8. Write Reviews

Write Reviews

Whether your blog focuses on books, fashion, family, or industry, there is always something that you can review. It may be a product you have just discovered, or one that you simply can’t stop raving about and what to share with the world. Whatever it is, make sure to include links to where readers can find out more about the product you are reviewing, and where they can purchase it.

7. Share the Love

Share the Love

Introduce your audience to other blogs that you follow. Perhaps you have a penchant for literary blogs, or blogs about cats, or zombies. Share your passion with your readers, and ask them for recommendations for blogs they like (besides yours)! This is a wonderful way to interact with your readers, and to network with other bloggers.

6. Share the Wealth

Share the Wealth

From time to time, offer gift cards, book giveaways, or other prizes to your blog followers in order to generate exposure to potential new followers. To “enter” the contest, have existing followers share a link to your blog on Facebook or tweet a link on Twitter, then have them leave a comment about which method they used to enter the contest. Use a random generator to determine the winner on the designated date/time.

5. Easy on the Eyes

Easy on the Eyes

Make sure that your site reflects your personality or industry, but also make sure that it is user friendly. The font should be large enough for easy reading and should be easily legible against any background images. Use good quality photographs or images judiciously. Don’t be too “linky” but do include relevant links to useful information. Also, make it easy for people to follow your blog (and all of your social networking sites). Include links to any Facebook page, Twitter account, email subscription, and RSS feed in a common location on your home page. This may not sound particularly “creative,” but it is surprising how many blogs neglect to do this–and if readers cannot get to your creativity, how can they be properly awed by it?

4. Dialogue NOT Monologue

Dialogue NOT Monologue

One way to ensure that the spark of creativity continues to burn is to keep the dialogue open on your blog. Encourage comments, ask open ended questions, and then listen and respond to your commenters. Too many blogs assume that the writer is the only one who has something to offer. However, when writers interact with their readers, they find that often they learn things as well. For instance, Amanda Palmer’s blog post on internet hate recently went viral, and those covering the story mentioned the amazing comments as being just as informative and inspiring as the post itself.

3. Offer Inspiration

Offer Inspiration

One way to connect with readers in a creative way is to offer opportunities for them to be creative as well. For instance, post a photo and ask for readers to add a caption, or provide a writing-prompt and ask your readers to add to the prompt. A literary blog might offer quotes by famous writers, for example.

2. Take a Poll

Take a Poll

If you have several potential blog topics ideas, consider asking your readers to vote for their favorite, and then write a post on the most requested topic. This method not only provides you with insight into what your readers are interested in reading, but it also helps your readers to feel connected to your blog and to confirm that their opinions matter.

1. Be You

 Be You

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Like the Cat Stephens song advises, “…if you want to be you, be you.” No matter what you blog about, there are innumerable other blogs on the same topic. The only way to truly stand out is to find your own voice and use it!


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