by Info Guru Lauren DeJesus Glasgow

In the United States, 77% of pet owners have dogs.

The popularity of this pet should come as no surprise as humans and canines have had a unique relationship for thousands of years; depending on each other for protection. Today, the dogs’ place in American culture is commemorated in entire websites, clubs, art galleries, and festivals dedicated to our precious pups. Below are the top 10 gifts to give the dog lover in your life.

10. Clothes printed with pet’s face

dog ts at Crazy Shirts

What easier way is there to celebrate the love for a pet than a short or sweater with it’s likeness? Print shops online allow you to upload a photo to be printed onto a clothing style of your choice. There are also clothing with images of certain breeds, or that shirts that benefit dog rescues, so your dog lover can adorably show off their pup obsession.

9. Portrait

dog portraits at pipsqueak productions

These days, portraits don’t have to take days or weeks to create. Digital art allows for a more economical and time conservative way to create portraits of your favorite canine. Different styles include pop art, classical, and caricature. This gift can really show off a puppy’s character!

8. Personalized food water bowl

personalized dog feeder

A dog’s water or food bowl is usually left in common areas since they are items that dogs use every day, and require easy access to. A personalized dog bowl or feeder for food or water is a gift that shows you care. It can have the dog’s name on it, or painted to match the motif or color theme of the room.

7. DIY dog sweater

diy dog sweater

Did you know that you can make a dog sweater at home with just a pair of scissors and a large sweatshirt? Take any sweatshirt you have laying around the house, and cut off one of the sleeves. Cut two holes near the wrist for the front legs and stitch up the bottom., and there you have it! A custom sweater to gift a dog lover.

6. Light up leash

dog leash at Cherrybrook

Anyone who has a dog will tell you one thing that is used every day, multiple times a day, is a leash. When walking at night, it’s necessary to consider the safety of both the dog and the dog walker, so why not gift them both a lighted or reflective leash for their evening strolls? These leashes have LED lights throughout the leash and harness or are made from reflective materials, and provide visibility for cars and other pedestrians.

5. Monthly treat subscription

dog treat delivery

There are many options when it comes to monthly dog treat delivery companies. It’s possible to tailor a treat and toy box to fit the needs of any dog size, breed, or sensitivity. Coming home to a nice package for their fur baby is a considerate way to show you care for the dog lover in your life.

4. Dog mug

dog mug

For the coffee or tea drinker, their mug is the first thing they see in the morning. Why not plaster their beloved dog’s face on their mug to take to work with them and remind them of the little bundle of joy waiting for them at home?

3. Saved Paw print kit


While dogs may be considered angels on earth, they will not be with us forever. Memorialize the special bond between dog and owner by investing in a saved paw print kit. These kits come in a variety of styles, including metal plates or framed ink prints.

2. Dog name/image necklace

dog necklace

A necklace with the name or picture of a furbaby, or one that can safe keep a bit of fur or burial soil, is a unique way to carry them close to your heart. In gold or silver, a simple name or even pawprint pendant is a sweet way of showing someone that you recognize how important their dog is to them.

1. Monogrammed collar

personalized dog collar

Many counties require dogs to wear collars with identification tags at all times. A monogrammed or personalized collar is a great way to show off a pup’s or owner’s personality.

Above, we have gone over the top 10 gifts for dog lovers. All of these gifts are one-of-a-kind. Any of them are sure to bring a smile to a face, and wag to a tail!