Add these creative ideas for wearing charm jewelry to your fashion repertoire

Add these creative ideas for wearing charm jewelry to your fashion repertoire

Jewelry with charms has come a long way over the years. Modern and elegant, this style is often one of the most meaningful pieces a woman owns, and for good reason. Whether you?re an animal lover, a spiritual seeker or an athlete, there’s a charm to express “you.”

Check out the runways and red carpets and you?ll see a number of creative ideas for wearing charm jewelry. Since actress Jennifer Lawrence adorned her bun with a necklace at the premier of the Hunger Games, statement jewelry has appeared in some most unexpected places. Hair is only the beginning.


Take a necklace loaded with personal pieces and wrap it around a bun or ponytail, or incorporate it in a brain. Weaving a chain with charms into a braid is a simple way to elevate a casual look for formal events or going out. The braid also secures the piece so you don?t have to worry about losing it. 

Charm bracelets are ideal hair accessories because they?re the perfect size to pin to a head band or work into a top twist. Those with multiple strands can hang around top buns and dangle in the back. Select a few of your favorites so the overall effect doesn?t look too busy.



Incorporating creative ideas for wearing charm jewelry into your outfits is a fun way to mix up old looks. Keep your choices simple. This is statement jewelry ? you only really need to say one thing at a time.

Identify the focal point of the outfit first. Charms are particularly eye catching, so it?s best to coordinate the boldest part of the outfit with where this striking accessory draws the eye. Pieces with a lot of structure require more consideration.

With dresses, let your boldest pieces sing and leave all other jewelry at home. Pair an elegant gown or flirty cocktail dress with a single, vibrant necklace or bracelet. Here the dress and accessories will work together as a complete look. If you still feel like something?s missing, add a simple ring made from the same metal.

Remember to keep it balanced. Bold statement jewelry pairs best with simple clothing. Avoid dresses with distracting patterns or competing embellishments like sequins. Test drive this style with a classic little black dress or jeans and a solid tee shirt. Plain clothes are a flattering backdrop for your favorite charms. 

Match the styles

Spotlight a necklace with a top that perfectly frames where it falls on your neck. Those with a scooped or deep V-neck, strapless and off-the shoulder styles are perfect. For a bracelet, fitted and solid colored sleeves, three-quarter length, short sleeves and straps are best.

New twist

Statement jewelry is here to stay. The following crafty accessory trends put a new twist on a classic style:

Multi layers – Wear two or three chains of different lengths and put one charm on each. They?ll fall down your neck like a lovely cascade.

Cluster fun ? This is a lively style so have fun with it. Group a handful of favorites on a single strong chain and wear them as a wild cluster. The same look works with hoop earrings, just choose lightweight charms.

Spread them out ? The opposite of a cluster, space charms of varying sizes and shapes around the length of the chain. The effect is eye-catching and eclectic.

Instead of a chain ? Attach them to thin metal bangles or chunky bead bracelets for a more modern look.

These creative ideas for wearing charm jewelry add a touch of the unexpected to your style.