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Creative Ways to Wear Jewelry

By Editorial Staff

creative ways to wear jewelryContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Even the most striking piece of jewelry can induce snoozes when it’s worn the exact same way all the time.

Take a cue from Jennifer Lawrence’s lovely stylists and use that beaded necklace to add a little flair to your hair. There are no rules when it comes to using fabulous jewelry to create an extraordinary look.

These creative ways to wear jewelry will get you started.

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10. Necklace as bracelet

necklace as a bracelet

Sometimes it only takes a small adjustment to breathe new life into a piece. Try wrapping a long necklace around your wrist as a multi-string bracelet. This is a simple, but effective way to work a necklace into an ensemble with a high-neck top.

9. From ring to pendant

From ring to pendant

Costume statement pieces are fun to collect, but too often passed over for more subtle stones and plain bands. Dig your biggest, shiniest ring out of the back of the drawer and re-use it as a necklace pendant around a long chain. This is a perfect way to add a little color to an otherwise neutral outfit.

8. Beads in a braid

 Beads in a braid

Beads are just too pretty to settle for life around the neck when they’re prime fodder for creative ways to wear jewelry. Unhook a long beaded necklace and use a small band to secure it at the top with the rest of the hair. Use the beaded string as one of the three sections. Choose beads that offer high contrast to your hair color – white or pale blue against black hair, or bright red rhinestones against blonde hair.

7. Brooch fastener

 Brooch fastener

Large, stunning brooches offer style and the appearance of function when strategically pinned to a dress. Attach it around the back where two straps meet so it looks like the beads are holding it all together. Pin it front and center and from a distance it’ll look like a daring peep hole. Or default to the standard trick and use it to secure a loosely wrapped scarf.

6. Ring around the ponytail

Ring around the ponytail

Not all clever ‘dos are complicated and time consuming, and not all creative ways to wear jewelry take a wild imagination. Slip an eye-catching ring around a top ponytail and Voila! Well, almost. This works best if your ponytail is about as thick as your finger, otherwise you risk losing the ring because it’ll slip off. Secure it in the back with a bobby pin to be safe.

5. Bracelet as headband

Bracelet as headband

For formal occasions, a little bling around the face can do wonders for those who prefer subtle makeup. Take a shiny, pretty bracelet with elastic backing and pull it around your face like a headband. Leave the rest of your hair down and loose or pulled up in a cascade of curls.

4. Brooch attached to belt

Brooch attached to belt

A pretty brooch can get lost when pinned on a bright or patterned top. Pin it on a thick, plain belt and it sparkles. Wear this combo with any look from casual jeans to a night out on the town.

3. Dangle earrings in updos

Looking to put a finishing touch on a sweeping updo? Secure cascading earrings near the top for some classic whimsy. Match the earrings to a beaded dress or necklace for eye-pleasing continuity.

2. Rings in braids

Rings in braids

Beads don’t have a monopoly on braids. In fact, people with dreadlocks have been weaving rings into their braids for ages. Scatter a few rings down the length of the braid for a refreshingly artistic look.

1. Wrap a necklace around the bun

Wrap a necklace around the bun

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Hair buns are incredibly comfy, but they don’t always look as glam as they make a girl feel. No worries. Choose a delicate necklace and loop it around the bun so the slack hangs below the hair. A thin metal chain or cute beaded one lends an elegant, unique touch.


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