Cute Bathing Suit Cover Ups

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by Info Guru Elizabeth Sobiski

A day in the pool or at the beach is a great way to relax, spend time with friends or to just enjoy being outside.

It also means you’ll probably need to cover up at some point, whether it’s to get a break from the sun or to enter a restaurant. Here are 10 ideas to help you find the perfect bathing suit cover up.

10. The Hoody

The hoody

A hoody can be your best sun friend. During the day, a hoody with UPF(like SPF, only for clothes) is better than sunscreen since it doesn’t have to be reapplied. They dry quickly and are easy on damp skin. Once the sun goes down, they keep the chill away.

9. The rashguard

The rashguard

Also known as swim shirts, rashguards protect tender skin from saltwater and sand. They have a UPF rating to help keep you from getting sunburned and can be found with short or long sleeves, giving you a choice of coverage. If you’re active in the water, rashguards not only protect you from sun – they also protect against dreaded wardrobe malfunctions.

8. Shorts


From board shorts to the wide legged variety, shorts have you covered. Just slipping on a pair of colorful shorts and flip flops dresses you up enough for many casual beachside businesses. Look for shorts that are loose enough to prevent sand from grinding into sensitive areas and fit well enough to stay where you put them.

7. Pants


Perfect for the drive to the beach and for slipping into after a long day in the sun, beach pants are a wardrobe staple. There are many styles to choose from – loose and flowy to cropped and fitted – one is sure to match your personal style. For those who tend to get a little too much exposure to the sun and not enough sunscreen, look for a gentle, soft fabric that won’t irritate the skin.

6. The kimono

The kimono

A soft whisper of silk or light material surrounds you and covers up your suit. When paired with a cute pair of cut-off shorts, you’re rocking the boho beach girl look. Left on its own, you’re good to get from your car to the beach or your back door to the pool. Like the Japanese robes they are fashioned after, kimonos have a belt that ties around the waist.

5. Rompers

rompers at Lurap

Rompers can make you look and feel fully dressed without having to take your suit off. They combine the appearance of a top and shorts all in one and look cute. If you go for the strapless look, be sure the elastic is snug enough to stay up and not chafe skin. Find a print that works with your bathing suit for coordinated style.

4. The Loose T-Shirt

The Loose T-Shirt

It’s classic and traditional. A large, roomy t-shirt is the perfect bathing suit cover-up when you’re wanting ultimate comfort and simplicity. This look can be super casual – think borrowing a shirt from your boyfriend or dad – or it can be stylish. How about rhinestone embellished tropical prints or a metallic animal print? For another look, find a tee with a saying or picture that reflects your mood or personality.

3. Tunic

tunic coverup

Not quite a dress and not quite a shirt, the tunic is uniquely in between. A tunic provides plenty of options to suit your style. Options include wearing it as a short dress – perfect for those day to night beach parties. Or, pair it with flowy beach pants or a pair of shorts for a modest look.

2. Sarong


Also known as a pareo, it’s a piece of fabric that you tie around you to cover your bathing suit. Fabric choices range from gossamer-thin, translucent organzas to tighter-weave, fully opaque cottons. Some beach sarongs are tiny, tying at the hips with a nod towards being ‘covered up’. Others are larger and can be wound around the body to make a dress or skirt, similar to a traditional kilt.

1. Dress


Maxi to mini, a dress can be a great option for a bathing suit cover up. Sheer designs let the sun through with flattering style for your swimsuit. Maxi dresses offer fuller coverage and make you presentable for restaurants or shopping on the promenade.

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