Dairy free recipes

Dairy free is the way to go in recipes for intolerant individuals.

Dairy free is the way to go in recipes for intolerant individuals.

It’s not fair. Others at the table are blithely sipping, slurping and chewing. The forks are flying. Butter and cheese top every other dish. Milk is the basis for the boats of steaming gravy and the bowls of whipped mashed potatoes whose fluffy peaks are so adept at supporting gobs of chilled sour cream.


It all looks so tempting?unless you are one of those whose constitution is incompatible with dairy products. If dairy does your body bad, opt for dairy free recipes that taste just as good as those based on milk sugar?lactose.

Lactose intolerance is one of the main reasons some people push away dairy-laden products. Lactose is a naturally occurring sugar found in milk. Thousands of products contain the sweet stuff. Unfortunately, products containing lactose are tough to digest by those who are lactose intolerant.


Those people cannot tolerate dairy products such as milk, cheese, butter, ice cream and other heavy foods. Some people find it soothing to replace some milk solids with a variety of soothing soup recipes or non-dairy smoothies.


What are some of the signs of lactose intolerance?

Gastrointestinal punishments follow if they consume those products. A belly full of gas is uncomfortable and disquieting, to say the least. Diarrhea is a risk. Belching and gas are common indicators of lactose intolerance. Too much of either surely will make the dinner guests the ones who are intolerant. Banishment to the outdoors could result. And eating dessert in the garage is no fun.

Enzymes are natural compounds that help the body digest foods. Digestion starts in the mouth. There, an enzyme called ptyalin?a part of the composition of saliva?begins to break down food as it is chewed and moistened. The digestive process continues as the food passes through the body’s stomach and intestines. A well stocked pantry full of natural, dairy free foods and an assortment of dependable cook wear and kitchen utensils make dairy free cooking an easier task.

An enzyme called lactase is the substance that helps to break down milk sugar into more easily absorbed substances?glucose, for example. People with inadequate amounts of lactase are the folks who have problems. Some say that staying active through sports and recreation activities helps. But dairy free recipes also are valued by people who wish refrain from added calories or follow a philosophy of vegetarianism.




Nacho Topper Sauce

? 1 ® cups of flour
? ? cup vegetable oil
? 1 cup nutritional yeast
? 1 ? cups of water
? 1 tsp salt
? ® tbs pepper
? 1 tsp garlic powder
? ª cup wet yellow mustard
? 1 tbs apple cider vinegar

Instructions for Nacho Topper Sauce: Combine in a sauce pot all the dry ingredients. Fluff together until well combined. Using a sturdy fork, whisk in oil and water. When well blended add mustard and cider vinegar. Stir until thickened. If too thick, just add a bit more water. Serve over crisp, oven-warmed nachos or use as you would any cheese sauce. This non-dairy sauce tastes great over steamed broccoli or hot, baked potatoes.

Crispy Snack Treats

ª cup coconut butter
ª cup sugar or honey
1 egg
1 cup puffed rice cereal
2 tsp rice milk or soy milk
1 tbs vanilla
ª cup coconut
ª tsp salt
1 cup finely chopped dates
® cup finely chopped nuts
® cup finely chopped raisins
® cup finely chopped dried cranberries
® cup powdered sugar for rolling finished treats

Instructions for Crispy Snack Treats: Combine in a bowl the puffed rice, coconut butter, sugar or honey and chopped fruits and nuts. Mix lightly together. Add mixture to heavy sauce pan and bring to soft boil. Add beaten egg, salt and vanilla. Cook for a few minutes more to blend all the flavors. Remove and cool. Form into small balls. Put powdered sugar into a plastic bag. Add treats and fluff with powdered sugar.

Be on the lookout for suitable substitutes for dairy

Today, there are many alternatives to dairy products that may cause digestive distress. Tofu is a soy product that can substitute for chunks of cheese in a casserole or a salad. It is a bland substance that tends to pick up the flavors of other ingredients. Combine with chicken or beef dishes for a great non-dairy alternative.

Rice milk and soy milk are refreshing beverages that can replace cow’s milk. All it takes is a little investigation to come up with good-tasting, healthy alternatives to lactose-rich foods. Dairy free recipes are easy to concoct. And the payoff in comfort is well worth the effort.