Set up your patio to relax and entertain

Set up your patio to relax and entertain

Summer is a superb time for outdoor entertaining. Some homeowners work tirelessly to ready their gardens and patios for relaxation and enjoyment. Outdoor relaxation is an awesome way to unwind and entertain friends while enjoying the many comforts of home living. Out on the back deck or patio is where you will find many of those outdoor lovers, grilling, by the poolside or just relaxing in the hammock.

Once the weather really gets warm, you may even find that you much prefer spending time on your patio than you do in the air-conditioned house. You can create a patio ambiance to match what is just as relaxing as what is inside the house.

With a few plants, nice outdoor furniture, maybe a grill or even an outdoor widescreen television, you will see that by decorating a patio in various personal ways, your family will get full enjoyment from being outside too.
So how can you get your patio ready for summer, friends and enjoyment?

A Green Theme

Decide what kind of theme that you want for your outdoor patio. Homeowners often find that decorating a patio with lots of green foliage and an array of plants that have color and variety give the space a peaceful, relaxing feeling. Plants can liven up any space and help it to feel homey.

Swimmer’s Delight

Does your patio have a swimming pool nearby? Pools are a huge hit for entertaining and are often a staple with patio living. Decorate your patio with items that the swimmers will need:

Life-preservers and jackets. You can place these strategically around the pool, set up on hooks or by suction cups against the inside of the pool.

Pool toys. Noodles, life rings and mechanical toys can be kept in a large plastic tub that you can position right by the pool for easy access.

Pool supplies. Install a small cabinet right by the patio that can hold towels, sun block, sun screen, sunglasses, etc. for guests to use and have easy access to. 


Decorating a patio with full window enclosures is also fast becoming a popular trend for outdoor living. This type of patio gives a very comfortable feeling of being outdoors, but without enduring the outdoor elements like rain, cold and severe heat. Doesn?t sound too much like a patio? Where else can you feel like you?re outside without really being outside yet still be able to enjoy the sun and the rain, yet stay protected by the window enclosures? If you install the type(s) of windows that can open up, you can still feel connected to nature without being completely outside.


Be sure to use outdoor furniture and not indoor furniture when decorating a patio. Outdoor furniture is specifically designed and manufactured to withstand outside elements and protect your investment. If you order the furniture online, be sure to ask the representative if the furniture is ?weather-ready? before purchasing. And, ask about any warranties or return policies on your furniture.

Eating Out

Love to cook? Then the barbeque grill will surely be a staple on your patio. Patio grills range anywhere from the tabletop cookery to full cook-ranges that can operate outside. Be sure that your patio space is aerated enough to accommodate cooking fumes and big enough as well since people will also be eating outside on the patio.

Different Spaces

You can also decorate your patio using pre-manufactured partitions. If your patio space is generous enough to accommodate partitions, you can be creative in designing ?mini-spaces? all around the patio area. Within each area, decorate it with tables, chairs and more greenery for a homey feeling. You can use the privacy partitions to section off the barbeque area, the lounge area or any general seating area(s). So as to not alienate anyone, use the short, 4 foot partitions or glass partitions instead. Partitions can also create a facade of a bigger space.

Be creative and flexible when you decorate your patio, incorporating your tastes and preferences into your design. You?ll be able to enjoy it more and family and friends may find it quite relaxing if you give it your own special touch.