Six savvy decorating tips for creating the bedroom of your dreams

Six savvy decorating tips for creating the bedroom of your dreams

Are you finally ready to create the bedroom of your dreams?  These decorating tips for bedrooms will help you to design a personal sanctuary or master suite with a bed fit for a Queen (or King).

Savvy Decorating Tips for Bedrooms:

1)    Begin your decorating project by selecting a source of inspiration.  One of the most overlooked decorating tips for bedrooms is the importance of identifying an inspirational piece, a color palate, a specific style, unifying theme or a basic plan.  It may help to write out your plan, sketch a layout, or display the key color samples to utilize as a point of reference during your decorating process.

2)    If your bedroom is a shared space for a couple, be aware that decorating to satisfy masculine and feminine tastes at once, can be one of the most challenging aspects of any home design project.  Helpful decorating tips for bedrooms that are shared by both sexes include striving for neutral colors such as beige, ivory, taupe, or gray, or even earth tones such as soft blues, pale green or fern colors, or browns.  This is not to say you can?t add lively colors to give more character to the room, simply use brighter colors sparingly, to accessorize.  For example, add gold throw pillows, burgundy drapes or a plum colored lampshade as accents in a room with neutral or earth tones.  

3)    Consider the square footage, shape, ceiling height, architectural features and general space parameters of the bedroom.  A sophisticated bedroom is distinguished by a well thought-out furniture arrangement.  Assess the strength and the scale of any furniture you select, in addition to qualities such as comfort, style and color.  Have a general sense of your style direction: traditional or contemporary furniture.  Pieces and styles can be mixed for an eclectic look, but it is good to have the main theme of your room be in one direction or the other. Unique ideas for bedroom furniture include chaise lounges, vintage settees, modern sectionals, sturdy benches, armoires, vanity tables, chests or antique trunks, and matching night stands.


4)    Lighting can be critical in a bedroom.  Windows and natural light are desired bedroom features.  Morning sunlight can aid the awakening process, and help us to maintain our natural circadian rhythms.  Reading light or bedside lighting can also be critical in a bed room.  Consider a combination of diffused wall lights and table top lamps in a bedroom to avoid the central glare of a ceiling light.  Bedroom lighting is also well suited for dimmer switches.  Add unique, contemporary mirrors in a bedroom to help reflect softer wall lighting into the interior of the room.  Mirrors can also enhance one?s spatial perception of a room.  

5)    Invest in a high quality bed and mattress.  While mattress selection may not be defined or categorized among the top decorating tips for bedrooms, it is certainly one of the most significant purchases for any bedroom.  It?s no joke that a good night?s sleep can directly impact the productivity of your day, your health, and overall quality of life.  Old, sagging, ill-fitting or unsupportive mattresses can lead to serious back problems, joint pain, and other body aches.  Quality pillows are also important for back and neck and support, and aid in overall relaxation and restfulness.  Before you begin the fun and creative task of selecting colors, prints, patterns and fabrics for linens, bedspreads and duvets, get the foundation right with the best bed possible.  Then you can rest assured that your bedroom will be a sanctuary for tranquil sleep.

6)    Add personal touches.  There is no room more personal in a home than the bedroom.  Don?t be afraid to add personal touches, favorite photographs, treasured mementos, plants, precious artwork or family heirlooms to a bedroom.  In fact, scientific studies have proven that familiar objects in a bedroom can raise a person?s comfort level and sense of security, thereby contributing to a peaceful night?s sleep.