From crafts to company literature, a desktop organizer keeps you on task.

From crafts to company literature, a desktop organizer keeps you on task.

For the organized among us, a desktop storage organizer is a must-have on our desks at work and at home. A desktop organizer helps us keep frequently used items near at hand while creating additional space on the desk. 

Using an Organizer Keeps Your Office Ergonomic

Desktop organizers come in various designs that serve different functions; they’re all great for helping you centralize your supplies and stay consistently organized. Grouping your specific office supplies all within one of these handy desktop catch-alls makes it easy to work efficiently and quickly.

Ergonomically, a desktop organizer keeps everything you frequently use close enough so that you’re not reaching out of the way for things. This keeps you aligned while working because it reduces your reach and keeps you comfortable. Believe it or not, this reduces your chance of workplace stress injuries relating to reaching and posture.

Types of Desktop Storage Units

The most common type of desktop organizers are multi-purpose ones. They hold the typical supplies an office needs such as writing utensils, paper clips, a stapler and post-it notes. There are usually a couple of slots for letter or legal-sized papers and files, as well several compartments for additional storage.

Besides the multi-purpose type of desktop storage, there are others that are specific to the type of work you do. They come in many different shapes, sizes and materials, including metal, wood and plastic. Some of the specific types include:

— reference organizers that hold both literature and computer media like CD’s and disks;

— literature organizers that keep active projects sorted in clear view with tabs and color coding systems. They take up less space than ordinary letter trays on your desk and are also ergonomic;

— combination rotary literature organizer with supply drawers and/or letter trays;

— compartment storage organizer which is a small hutch with several places for different size papers, supplies and other items;

— small drawer cabinets that can hold supplies, CDs or paper. You can use drawer inserts to separate numerous small items within the drawers.

Using a desktop storage organizer helps you streamline office procedures and consolidate your most important papers in a single reference station, all while transforming your desk into an efficient desktop. Additionally, there are some that are modular in nature and can be repositioned or expanded with changeable, interlocking parts.


Creative Uses for Your Desktop Organizer


Anyone can benefit from using a desktop organizer instead of shoving all their supplies into drawers and cabinets. Having frequently used items or papers within fingertip reach keeps you organized and on task. And if you want to get creative, desktop organizers are great to use at home for things like homework and projects.

They’re useful for grouping like items together for different functions such as:

— Letterhead, phone supplies, post-its, pens and message pads for administrative assistants and general office workers;

— CDs, software, computer manuals, small computer hardware parts and other IT-related supplies in specialized media drawers;

— Markers, pens, crayons, scrap paper, a calculator, scissors and other supplies for homework assignments;

— Cut-outs, stencils, glitter pens, stamps, stickers and ribbons for the scrap-booker in the family;

— Coins, PDA, keys, cell phone, planner and business cards for an executive’s desk;

— Threads, pins, patterns, fabric swatches and needles for sewing needs;

— Bills, envelopes and stamps for a centralized bill-paying station.

Desktop storage organizers are made to provide more surface area for your desk. The ones that sit on risers create space underneath for your phone, rolodex and other supplies. Their portability also makes it easier for you to be flexible in how you organize your desk.

Giving yourself more space on your desk, centralizing your supplies and keeping frequently used items together all help you stay the organized and focused worker you were always meant to be.