destinations for foodies

Foodies are always looking for the best destinations to let their taste buds guide them on a new adventure.

Each of the destinations on this list offers a special gustatory experience for the potential visitor. As any experienced traveler will tell you: there is no better way to engage with a culture than experiencing its food.

10. San Francisco

San Francisco is renowned for its eclectic food scene boasting everything from traditional southwestern fare to trendy fusion cuisine. San Francisco is also home to a number of breweries, including the popular Anchor Steam brewery.

9. Thailand

thailand for foodies

Thailand is known for food which makes use of peanuts and peanut oils, and while peanuts are indeed a staple for the Thai people there is so much more to thai food culture. Many dishes are seafood based and spicy, while others are sweet and tangy. Thai food is certainly not a monolith.

8. Miami

Miami is a great place to experience the flavors of Latin AMerica and the Caribbean. Being a truly international city Miami also contains restaurants serving traditional dishes from everywhere you can think of. Personally, I recommend trying the Cuban sandwiches.

7. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is home to many simple yet delicious native dishes. Many of them are based in chicken or pork and involve rice and a lot of spices. Puerto Rico (like most islands) also has a thriving seafood industry and local restaurants serve some of the freshest, most delicious fish you will ever taste.

6. Okinawa

okinawa for foodies

For a long time the island of Okinawa was probably best known for sustaining one of the two nuclear blasts that effectively ended World War two, but recently word has been spreading about the great and healthy cuisine available in Okinawa. Making use of such local staples as sea grapes and sweet potatoes Okinawan food is known to be so tasty and healthy that people around the world are attempting to recreate the “Okinawa Diet”.

5. The West Indies

West Indian food is certainly known for its spice. Scotch bonnet peppers are popular in west-indian cuisine as are chilis and other types of spicy pepper. Curry and peanut oils are also commonly used. While there is a general similarity each island (eg Jamaica, St. Lucia, etc.) has its own particular style of food.

4. Upstate New York

Upstate New York is, of course, famously the birthplace of the Buffalo Wing, but it is also home to many unique and flavorful comfort dishes such as the “garbage plate” and “beef on weck” sandwiches.

3. The Pacific Northwest

pacific northwest for foodies

The Pacific northwest offers some of the freshest steaks and seafood you’ll find anywhere in the united states. Most of the finer restaurants are steeped in the French culinary tradition and focus on preparing food with very high quality ingredients.

2. Paris

Of course if French style cuisine is what you are after then there is no better place than Paris. Paris is famous for its cafes that offer the finest coffee drinks and pastries as well as rich, hearty dishes often topped with fresh herbs and creamy sauces.

1. Berlin

Berlin is the perfect place to experience the famous Beer Gardens of Germany and the wonderful food they have to offer. All manner of sausage and cheeses are served alongside fine microbrewed beers from generations old family breweries.

All over the world there are places that are worth visiting for the food alone and all of these destinations offer great food and so much more!

by Info Guru Lauren DeJesus-Glasgow