alternative engagement ringby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Big, shiny diamonds are no longer the default choice for many couples looking to tie the knot.

Many precious stones and symbolic designs are more unique and meaningful to couples.

These diamond alternative engagement rings are beautiful symbols of devotion.

10. He loves me knot

He loves me knot

A logical and attractive symbol of eternity, a knot is an elegant way to honor your eternal love. This style is perfect for women who prefer understated jewelry. You’re about to tie the knot so it’s fitting in every way. Love history? Victorian couples would tie a tree limb in a lover’s knot. If the limb continued to grow, their love was considered true.

9. Ruby


As one of four precious stones, rubies are among the most popular diamond alternative engagement rings. Traditionally, they signify love, friendship, happiness and opening your heart. The deep blood-red color makes it a natural choice for passionate women. Criteria for selecting a quality stone is the same used to choose a diamond – color, cut, clarity and carat weight.

8. Good times

Good times

Depending on the couple, the best alternative to an engagement diamond may be no ring at all. Some couples prefer to skip the pricey jewelry and put the money towards an adventurous honeymoon, a down payment on a house or adopting a furry pet together.

7. Pendants


Not every marrying woman wants to put a ring on it. Some just don’t like wearing certain kinds of jewelry. For gals who like to get their hands dirty, rings are inconvenient and easy to lose. Necklaces and pendants are a more practical and thoughtful choice. If you’re nervous about breaking tradition, give her a ring with a chain she can wear it on.

6. Mossanite


If it’s a dramatic stone she wants, a mossanite delivers high glamour at a much lower price tag. This is the second hardest mineral on Earth just after the diamond so it will hold up over a lifetime. This ultra feminine, oh-so-romantic, pretty stone is a perfect symbol of epic love.

5. Pearl


You’ve found a best friend and sweetheart for life. Mission accomplished! Marrying this person is the best 2-4-1 deal ever. The other pea in your pod will smile every time she looks at her iconic cultured pearl jewelry in an antique or modern setting.

4. Claddagh


Steeped in symbolism, the Irish Claddagh ring dates back to Roman times and was used for engagements during the Renaissance and Middle Ages – long before diamonds became the blingy go-to. Have a gemstone cut into the heart setting to make it more personal. Make sure she wears it with the heart facing her to show the world her heart is taken.

3. Family heirloom

Family heirloom

Why spend a big chunk of money on new jewelry if you have a family heirloom waiting for a finger? Sharing this piece of family history with the one you love will mean more to her than anything you can find in a store. It’s the ultimate meaningful jewelry gift. If needed, have it re-sized to fit her.

2. Her and his birthstones

Her and his birthstones

Now is the time for sentiment so sweet it gives everyone around you a toothache. Maybe you were born to be together. Maybe the best way to show this is with a one-of-a-kind couple’s birthstone ring. Aw.

1. Sapphire


The appeal of sapphire is undeniable. It’s one of the most impressive diamond alternative engagement rings. If the cut on a large stone is precise, it looks as striking as a diamond. Blue is the most widely available color, but you can also find stones with pink, white, peach and green hues.