Do guys like long or short hair? It depends, personal taste varies widely

Do guys like long or short hair? It depends, personal taste varies widely

Are you dying to figure out if that guy you’ve had your eye on prefers long or short hair? First, you should know that there isn’t one hair length that every single guy prefers. It truly depends on the guy. While there’s no way to be 100% sure what hair length a guy prefers, unless, of course you ask him, there are certain characteristics that a guy has that may give you an idea of what hair length he may be leaning towards.

Here are things to look for in a guy that will help you determine if he likes cropped or lengthy locks, as well as reasons he may prefer each hair length.

To figure out if guys like long or short hair, consider these tips.


Is he more on the high maintenance side or the low maintenance side? Does he take long to get ready or does he just hop of bed ready to go? Chances are, if he’s on the higher maintenance side, then he will at least accept the fact that you have long hair. On the other hand, if he’s on the lower maintenance side, he’ll most likely breathe a huge sigh of relief if you have short hair that takes less work to get ready.

A guy may also be on the low maintenance side for the most part but go nuts when it comes to styling his hair. He may have a passion for men’s hair products such as styling gel, different shampoos, etc. If this is the case, he’ll also be completely fine if you have lengthy hair that takes longer to wash, dry, and style.

Running Hands Through Hair

Some guys are really touchy-feely with hair; they just love the idea of running their hands through it. If a guy is like this, he’ll probably prefer a woman with longer hair as there will be more hair to run his fingers through. If he’s indifferent about running his fingers through hair or is even grossed out by it, then he’ll probably prefer a woman with short hair.


This may seem super obvious, but many women will overlook this. Figure out what celebrities he finds attractive. Does he prefer celebrities that have had/have short hair, such as Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry, Alyssa Milano, or Rihanna? If this is the case, then he’ll accept or even adore your short hair.

On the other hand, if celebrities like Megan Fox, Beyonce, or Jessica Simpson make him drool, then he’ll accept or love your long hair.

Past Girlfriends

This is another important sign to look for, but it can go both ways. If his past girlfriends have had the same hair length, then he’ll most likely prefer that length on you. On the other hand, he may be tired of that length and possibly go after something completely opposite.

His Hair Length

This may be extremely far off, but if all else fails and you still have no idea what hair length he prefers, his hair length may help shape his preference of your hair length. If his hair is long, then he may prefer long hair on you. If his hair is short, then he may prefer short hair on you.
If you want to experiment with multiple hair lengths to find out what you prefer on yourself, wigs and extensions are a huge thing. There are a variety of styles and colors to choose from, so go nuts! This is also a less permanent way to find out what hair length a guy prefers as well.

Although it’s great to know if a guy prefers long or short hair, one should keep this in mind: If a guy is truly into you, he’ll adore you no matter what hair length you have. Don’t make such a drastic change to your hair just to please a guy. Make sure you please yourself, too!