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Drawing Supplies for Beginners

By Editorial Staff

drawing suppliesby Info Guru Terri Wallace

When the Muse finally appears, the artist must be ready to respond.

However, to do so the artist must have the tools of the trade available to him before he can embark on another creative adventure. A well-stocked studio is as essential to the beginning artist as inspiration. Fortunately, with a few well-chosen tools the novice artist can create a myriad of masterpieces. Here are some of the top drawing supplies for beginners.

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10. Practical Pencils

Practical Pencils

Whether you prefer colored pencils or the steely gray of graphite, pencils can assist an artist in conveying their artistic ideals and capturing a moment in time. Artist’s pencils are a staple in the artist’s kit, and can be used to sketch out a more elaborate design, or can be the primary medium for an art work. Pencils can be an economical investment for a beginning artist.

9. Erasers


Take care of stray tracings or mistakes with a gum eraser. Imperfections are wiped away, leaving no smudges or residue–nothing but the artist’s vision. Beginning artists might want to invest in a god supply of erasers as they learn and hone their craft.

8. Art Cases

Art Cases

Aspiring artists can keep their pens, pencils, or brushes in order with an art case. Whether he prefers a rigid sided container, or a roll up wrap, a carrying case allows the artist to keep his tools organized and ready for a visit from the Muse.

7. Blending Stumps

Blending Stumps

Artful smudges, fading, and shading are easily accomplished with a blending stump. By investing in the right tool, even a beginning artist can learn to achieve impressive results as they hone their skills.

6. Plenty of Paper

Plenty of Paper

An artist can never have too much inspiration … or paper (especially since so much of the paper seems to end up in a crumpled heap on the floor). Quick sketches and elaborate designs both need a good foundation. Always be sure to pick a paper suited for the desired medium. Quality paper, especially archival quality paper, can help an artist to preserve his art for future generations.

5. Colorful Markers

Colorful Markers

Markers, with their bold splashes of color and ease of handling, can be a welcome addition to any art kit. Easier to transport than brush and pain, markers give great impact with minimal fuss. Markers are a good investment for the novice artist.

4. Elegant Charcoal

Elegant Charcoal

Charcoal sketches have a timeless quality. The simple lines, the elegant shading, the artful smudge—charcoal comes in a variety of sizes and hues to help capture a moment, an idea, or a vision. Those just starting to explore their artistic abilities can practice shading, shadowing, and the juxtaposition of dark and light with charcoals.

3. Bold Inks

Bold Inks

The bold and modern splash of ink is perfect for crisp, daring works. Inks can be used for incredibly detailed works, patterned pieces, graphics, and comics, and should be considered a staple in any well-stocked art kit.

2. Sturdy Drawing Boards

Sturdy Drawing Boards

Every artist needs a drawing board to help hold their pages when creativity takes reign. Drawing boards allow artists to secure their pages while they wander the city in search of a subject. Drawing boards also keep paper handy in case inspiration strikes. By keeping pages flat, drawing boards avoid the curled pages and smudges inherent with rolled paper.

1. Work Stations

 Work Stations

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Work stations provide a place for artists to nestle down to work on their projects. Adjustable heights and angles allow for comfort while creating, yet the compact size of many work stations makes them quite portable—making it easy for newer artists to pick up their craft and go out in search of inspiration.


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