How to dress for cool summer nights

Knowing how to dress for cool summer nights and being totally stylish is easy!

Knowing how to dress for cool summer nights and being totally stylish is easy!

Dressing for cool summer nights can be a bit overwhelming if you’re vacationing somewhere that is colder than what you’re used to. However, dressing for this temperature change is a lot simpler than you think. Simply add a summer twist to fall clothes.

Here’s how:

The Leather Jacket

Do you want to wear a leather jacket without looking like you’re in the heart of December? First of all, don’t wear a super thick one. After all, it is cool outside, not freezing. Secondly, wear the jacket unbuttoned and add a top underneath that screams summer. Think of a top with coral or nautical stripes. Also, don’t limit your jacket color choice to black! Shades of turquoise, yellow, and even fuchsia are all perfect!

The Sundress

No worries – your sundress can survive cool summer nights! Wearing a harsh winter jacket over it is overkill, so opt for a lightweight and fun zip-up sweatshirt instead. If you’re still not warm enough, you can add leggings to your look. Floral leggings are especially pretty and can be found almost anywhere. Just don’t go over the top and wear floral leggings and a floral dress; pick one or the other. 


The Boot

Boots can totally be a summer thing if you know the right ones to wear. The key is not to wear anything too high; wearing boots that go too far above the ankle tend to have more of a winter look. Ankle combat boots are perfect for laidback summer nights. If you’re looking for something a bit more dressy, throw on some ankle booties to complete your look.

The Scarf

Scarves can be worn during the summer as long as they’re made from specific fabrics –  don’t go pulling a wool scarf out of your closet during this time of year. Instead, you should look for light, sheer fabrics from materials like cotton and silk. Brights and florals will add a fun summer touch to any outfit.

The Denim Jacket

The denim jacket is a cool summer night’s best friend. It goes with almost everything and comes in endless washes. Lighter washes are best for summertime – think white, acid wash, or light blue. If it gets to be too warm outside, simply tie it around your neck!

The Oxford Shirt

The oxford shirt is perfect for summer because it doesn’t have to be worn as a long sleeve. Since it’s cool and not unbearably cold, roll your oxford shirt into a 3/4 sleeve or half sleeve. Once you decide how much you want to roll the sleeves, you need to consider color. Beach colors always work – a great idea would be a shirt with off white and powder blue vertical stripes. Lastly, think about the occasion you’re dressing for. If you’re going for a more put together, dressed up look, then a slim fit oxford shirt is best. If not, get a relaxed fitting one, leave the top few buttons undone, and wear a camisole underneath.

The Maxi Dress and the Bright Blazer

This is perhaps the best way to stay warm while still dressing for summer. The maxi dress is quite the interesting piece of clothing – it’s light and airy enough to keep you warm during the most sweltering summer days, yet long enough to keep your legs warm on a cool summer night. Add a crisp blazer to this look if your arms get chilly, and keep in mind that a pop of color is never a bad idea.

Whether you’re dressing up or dressing down, you don’t have to sacrifice being warm on cool summer nights because you want your outfit to scream summer. It is possible to do both if you know the right pairings, colors, and fabrics to wear, from light cotton scarves to sundresses with floral leggings. There is no excuse not to go to your next summer bonfire in style!