How to add clothes and accessories to your boho fashions for a dressed up look

Lovers of boho clothing like to wear them often from spring to fall from sun up to sun down and beyond. Some people like wearing them all the way to the first frost. 
Why? It’s because boho style fashions are light, free-flowing and, the wearer feels as free as the fashions they wear but putting them away when the season changes, can be a real downer. 

Well, there are creative ways to keep the good vibrations of summer going just by showing ladies how to dress up boho fashions they can’t part with. 

Bohemian fashions, or Boho for short,  is a style of clothing people wore often during the summer relaxed look fashion season or while on vacation. It consists of clothing that’s made from flowing natural lightweight fabrics such as cotton or silk and has a loose fit on the body. The purpose was to give the wearer clothes that felt very comfortable, unrestrictive and had a more natural fiber feel next to the skin. 

The history of this particular fashion style originated about 200 years ago and was a fashion statement for people who were mostly artists, writers, poets, and people who were considered to be free spirits. People who regularly wore Boho style fashions, for the most part, refused to adhere to clothing styles that were worn by the majority in their native cultures and they were considered to be subcultures themselves. Bohemian style fashions, for example, were once seen in places like the Caribbean or the Hawaiian islands.

Now that people dress in whatever styles that suits them, the Boho look can be seen at non-traditional areas like the office, schools, and casual affairs. However; dressing up Boho fashions requires some creative ideas to help them cross over from being just summer fashions. There are times ladies want to bring their Boho look fashions to work or to other events where dressing in comfortable styles is acceptable. 

There are many ways to add accessories and other clothing to Boho fashions for the purpose of dressing them up to where they can be worn at various occasions and, this article was created to show ladies how to stretch their Bohemian summer fashions to be worn during the fall or perhaps winter.

Many cool and creative ideas come to mind for Boho fashion dress-ups which can be done by just adding jewelry, and belts to them, or by using other articles of clothing to make them look a little more dressy. 

The best way to add more style to Boho fashions is to add other clothing and accessories to them to create a new style. For instance, a light fabric single colored suit jacket, short jackets, or shrugs can be added to  Boho style dresses to make them office appropriate. for example, a Boho dress could look great at the office by simply adding a wide black belt and black pumps. The same articles of clothing added to tops and shirts can do the same for Boho skirts. 

The idea is to stretch Boho fashions to where they can be worn longer and where they can be worn on other occasions. For tops that have the Boho style, it would be very easy to dress them up with single colored bottoms, or skirts to wear at work or a casual affair. Bohemian style tops can also be worn with the same items as the ones suggested for dresses that have the boho look. 

For example, the Boho skirts can easily be converted into something comfortable to wear at work or school by adding a top, blouse, or a cami topped off with a suit jacket, shoes or boots. Adding additional clothing to Boho fashions or accessories like pendants, bracelets, scarves will finish off the new look.

Finally to wrap this up, please excuse the pun, the art of how to dress up Boho fashions is as easy as adding additional clothing or extra wearables to boho clothing where it can be worn beyond summer as a new fashion style.