Durable fabric choices for diaper bags

Look for pockets, lots of space and durable fabric in a new diaper bag

Look for pockets, lots of space and durable fabric in a new diaper bag

Congratulations on your new baby! 

There are lots of things you’ll need for your new addition, but one of the most important is your diaper bag. Finding one made from quality, durable fabric is step one in selecting a diaper bag that will last through hundreds of outings and diaper changes.

What are the best choices for a diaper bag that hold everything a new baby needs without coming apart at the seams? Here are some suggestions:

Leather — It’s not high tech and it’s not new, but a quality leather bag has what it takes to handle being stuffed full, dropped into the back of the SUV or dribbled with milk and still hold it together in style.

Look for a bag with doubled stitched seams in a lightweight finished leather. Suede will not take the beating baby food and diapers will dole out, so save that texture for your own jackets and purses once the baby goes to kindergarten.

Wipe clean vinyl – Stains and spills are no match for a well-made diaper bag in a smooth textured vinyl. This durable fabric is available in every color of the rainbow and almost as many styles, so there’s sure to be a design to suit you.

Make sure the seams are reinforced with fabric or a sturdy vinyl piping to prevent splitting. Check zippers and clasps — a well-made bag will have all closures double-stitched to stop rips. Avoid textured vinyls…dirt and grime will collect in the texture, making it much for difficult to deal with spills and drips.
Heavy duty canvas — Although more difficult to clean than leather or vinyl, heavy weight canvas is a durable material for diaper bags that will travel further than the mall or grocery store. These diaper bags, typically sold by outdoors stores, were designed to withstand luggage carousels, hiking trips and time spent stuffed under an airplane seat and still look good.

Other diaper bag must-haves

No matter which of these durable fabric choices you select for your diaper bag, there are a few features all well designed diaper bags share.

Multiple pockets and compartments — When you’re looking for a toy, baby spoon or binky, you don’t want to have to search under piles of diapers, blankets and clothes.  Make sure the traveling diaper bag you pick has lots of pockets to organize small things.

Removable changing pad
— Let’s face it…changing pads get dirty and you’re going to want to wash it, But if it’s attached,the best you can do is wipe it off.  After awhile, that won’t be enough, so look for a bag with a changing pad you can toss into the washer or at least hand wash.

A wide shoulder strap or backpacks straps
— Narrow straps or a handle you have to hold is fine for a purse or briefcase, but when you’re holding a baby and pushing open doors or trying to manage house keys, you’ll be grateful for a diaper bag that can be hung on your shoulder or the handle of a stroller.

You have a lot to think about with a new baby in house. Make sure your diaper bag isn’t something you have to worry about.