The history of Earth Day and creative ways to celebrate the holiday

The history of Earth Day and creative ways to celebrate the holiday

Earth Day is the only holiday specifically created to celebrate the environment.  If you, your friends and family, or even your business organization or company are searching for Earth Day celebration ideas, it may help to have at least a basic understanding of the history of the Earth Day holiday, why it was founded, as well as some insight into how this unique holiday was first observed and celebrated.

The Earth Day holiday, founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson, was first celebrated on April 22nd of 1970.  According to a variety of interviews, Senator Nelson states that he first began brainstorming the concept for Earth Day nearly a decade earlier, in November of 1962. At that time, Senator Nelson, and various other political officials were seeking a format or method to give environmental issues higher political visibility.  

After much discussion, Senator Nelson, Attorney General Robert Kennedy and President John Kennedy, devised a plan for a five-day, eleven-state conservation tour for President Kennedy in September of 1963. The concept for Earth Day actually grew from the success of this conservation tour.

Senator Nelson began promoting and publicizing the Earth Day idea during the summer of 1969, a turbulent political period when peaceful anti-Vietnam war demonstrations were proliferating nationwide. The grassroots concept for Earth Day took off like wild fire. 

In fact, the Earth Day campaign was so successful, with events, programs and unique Earth Day celebration ideas igniting across the country, that Senator Nelson had to immediately hire full time staff members to manage the campaign from his Senate office.


Creative Earth Day Celebration Ideas:

Earth Day Crafts:

If you are seeking Earth Day related or themed activities to enjoy with children or teenagers, Earth Day crafts can be the perfect idea. Encourage youngsters to use creativity and ingenuity to design decorative or useful crafts and projects from recycled materials. For example, design flower pots from recycled jugs or cans. Create bird feeders from recycled cartons and containers. Design colorful jewelry from recycled hardware or even old computer parts.  

Earth Day Reading/Music/Educational Activities:

Reading is a wonderful experience for children of any age. Peruse your local library or book store for themed books that offer sound environmental messages. Make the time to read these books with your children and discuss the messages of environmentalism. CD’s, music, or live Earth Day concerts that offer positive messages about protecting the environment are another great way to teach children about the importance of viewing every day as Earth Day.

Earth Day Cooking:

On Earth Day, prepare a delicious meal that features all organic ingredients.

Earth Day Community/Environmental Service Projects:

Engage your friends, family or co-workers in an Earth Day oriented community service program to generate and initiate Earth Day celebration ideas. Attend a spring clean up event to clear trash and rubbish from forests, parks or neighborhoods. Visit the Arbor Day website to learn about tree-planting initiatives, or even take on your own project, such as posting blue bird boxes or owl nesting boxes.   

Earth Day Projects at Home:

Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to initiate a family project such as planting a vegetable garden, starting a compost bin, setting up a household recycling center, or even installing water saving faucets.

Since its founding in 1970 Earth Day has expanded world wide, and is now celebrated in nearly 150 nations. Today, Earth Day, a holiday aimed at inspiring environmental awareness, is now coordinated globally by an international firm called Earth Day Network