People have recently made a turn against genetically-modified or chemically-altered consumer items.

The demand for truly organic products has risen but left many people guessing the best ways to incorporate organic products into their lifestyle. Below we will review the top ten organic products for the home to ensure a healthier living space for you and your loved ones.

10. Produce

Organic produce are fruits and vegetables that have been seeded, grown, and harvested without any chemical additives, fertilizers, and pesticides. Eating organic produce is one way to ensure that your fruits and veggies are full of their natural nutritional properties.

9. Fragrance

Traditional perfumes and colognes can be irritating to those with sensitive skin and senses of smell. Organic perfumes are made with essential oils, and gentle carriers without any of the harsh chemicals.

8. Meat

Conventional meat processing includes giving the animals hormones and low quality food in order to get the most out of them. Organic meats are usually processed under higher quality conditions, with better feed and more natural conditions, effectively improving the flavor of the meat.

7. Cleaning supplies

Particularly beneficial for those living with infant or small children, organic products tend to be safer for skin contact. These cleaning supplies take away the worry of harsh chemicals left in the air or getting on the skin.

6. Spices

If you walk down the spice aisle in your local grocery store, you will see a very noticeable price difference between conventional and organic spices. The belief is that the organic spices, processed without any additives or pesticides to dilute their essence, are stronger in flavor.

5. Pet Food

Pet lovers rejoice–there is organic food for our four-legged family members! Did you know that many brand name pet food have unnecessary fillers that can make your pet less vibrant later on in life? Invest in quality food for your pet that nourishes them without grains, fillers, or antibiotics.

4. Bedding

We spend one-third of our life asleep, so why not ensure that we have the best sleep possible. Organic bedding is sheets, duvets, and mattresses are sustainably made with breathable fabrics like cotton and without solutions or bleach treatments.

3. Wine & Spirits

A simple way to help the environment, organic wine and spirits are harvested and processed in the “greenest” way; with the goal of having as little impact on the earth as possible. Alcohol that is organic has a purer taste and smoother finish since it is made with grains and grapes.

2. Kitchenware

In similar reasoning to the organic produce, the purpose of organic kitchenware is to reduce the ingestion of toxic chemicals daily. If scratched or chipped, traditional cookware and utensils can leave carcinogenic teflon deposits in your food.

1. Beauty Products

Organic beauty products offer a gentler, environmentally-conscious way to achieve your aesthetic needs. These items are generally made without phthalates and synthetic caking agents that can irritate the skin. Beauty products crafted organically benefit your face and the planet.

Incorporating any of top ten organic products for the home into your life is just one step you can take to control the products you consume. Do some research to see what works best for your living situation and sensibilities.

by Info Guru Lauren DeJesus-Glasgow