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Effective Workout Machines

By Editorial Staff

workout machinesContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Looking to get in shape?

There’s no shortage of effective workout machines to choose from. Whether you intend to build strength or finally reach that big weight loss goal, the right machine will help you get there and save you the cost of a monthly gym membership to boot.

Here’s the top fitness equipment for working out at home.

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10. Home gym systems

bowflex home gym

Why spend precious time commuting to a crowded gym when one home machine can do the work of several combined? Home gym systems allow you to get a high performance workout targeted to toning your whole body while building strength and muscle. These compact systems are ideal for those who are ready to exercise, but a td short on space.

9. Spandex


Okay, so maybe spandex doesn’t fit your standard definition of fitness equipment, but full or partial body shapewear does give you immediate body slimming results. So if you need to rock a special dress for a shindig that’s just around the corner, a magical blend of nylon and spandex will flatten the tummy and sculpt the thighs in the blink of an eye.

8. Pedal exercisers

Pedal exercisers

You’d be hard pressed to find a more portable fitness machine than the pedal exerciser. When used correctly with enough intensity to make you sweat, a basic pedal exerciser will help you burn calories and significantly improve your cardiovascular health. Use it on your legs while watching television and your arms to build up the upper body and elevate your heart rate.

7. Treadmill


Contrary to popular belief, the treadmill is not a run-until-you-drop torture device. It’s actually enjoyable and easily adapted to the full spectrum of fitness levels, from light or brisk walking to speedy running.

6. Stationary bikes

Stationary bikes

For reluctant exercisers, sometimes the most effective workout machines are the ones that allow you to read a magazine, watch guilty pleasure shows or rock out to music. Because the more likely you are to stick with it, the more results you’re going to see. A stationary bike lets you do all of the above, and you can always throw in a challenge by varying the intensity of each minute in a 30-minute session.

5. Core strengtheners

Core strengtheners

According to the Mayo Clinic, strengthening your core improves your balance and stability, defines the abs and makes it easier for you to do other physical activities. Focus on your core with a hula hoop or twist board for an invigorating, fun new routine.

4. Climbers


Occasionally referred to as the most dreaded equipment at the gym, the climber is also one of the least used. Ironically, it’s one of the most beneficial. Designed to make you feel like you’re climbing a steep mountain, the climbing machine works your toes, head and everything in between and dramatically improves aerobic capacity.

3. Bike


Investing in a triathalon or road bike puts you in the fast lane for better health. Regular cycling offers a low-impact workout that’s well known for reducing the risk of common health problems like depression, stroke and obesity. When possible, use your bike for transportation to make fitness a regular part of your day. On weekends, recruit a few pals to join your adventures and you’ll enjoy the social benefits as well.

2. Ellipticals


Ellipticals are among the most effective workout machines and they’re gentler on joints than a treadmill. Use both the arm and leg components to burn maximum calories. Just try not to shift weight to your toes or they will feel numb after.

1. Rowing machines

Rowing machines

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Have you ever watched a regatta and longed to row on a river? Well get those arms up to par with a rowing machine and you can look into joining a local club. Just don’t expect your arms to be the only part with work to do. These machines seriously engage your legs and core.


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