poor postureby Catalogs.com Info Guru Paul Seaburn

I belong to the generation that heard teachers and parents constantly telling us to “sit up straight!”

Unfortunately, we grew into adults who slouch in our office chairs while huddled over a computer, scrunch in a car seat while eating and talking on a cell phone and clump in a soft chair in front of the TV for hours. It’s no wonder we have poor posture and back problems. Fortunately, there are many exercises to correct posture that are easy and quick to do and really can fix the problem. Now sit up straight while you read about them!

10. Necking Is Good

Necking Is Good

To straighten your neck and relieve stiff muscles in both the neck and shoulders without a brace, lean your head slowly forward until your chin touches your chest. Hold for a count of five and then lift your head up. Repeat one or two times more and do it periodically throughout the day.

9. Shrug Off Bad Posture

Shrug Off Bad Posture

The shoulders are responsible for a lot of posture problems so there are many different exercises to get them straight and aligned. An easy one to start with is the shrug. While holding light weights in each hand (1-2 pounds or cans of soup), lift your shoulders up like you’re shrugging them. Do this ten times, rest 30 seconds, then do it again. These can be done seated or standing throughout the day. Another good exercise to add to your fitness routine is the pull-down, which can be combined with other workouts on your home gym.

8. Straighten Those Shoulders

Straighten Those Shoulders

Get rid of rounded shoulders with this exercise. Lie face down, extend your arms straight out, then bend the elbows 90 degrees so your hands are pointing forward. Hold that angle while you raise your arms by pushing your shoulder blades together and pulling your shoulders backwards. Hold for five seconds, then repeat two more times. Try these 10-12 times a day.

7. Bolder Shoulders

Bolder Shoulders

Sit in a sturdy chair with your hands palms down on the seat and arms straight. Push down on the chair seat until your rear lifts up off the seat and hold for five seconds. Lower yourself down, then repeat two more times. Do this one at least 10 times a day.

6. No Butts About It

No Butts About It

Weak glutes (butt muscles) cause a lot of posture problems. A quick and easy way to fix them is by lying on the floor on one side with your knees bent 90 degrees. Keep your feet together while you separate your knees, spreading them as far as you can and holding for five seconds. Bring the knees back together slowly. Repeat two more times then flip to the other side. Do this 10 times a day and your butt will straighten your back.

5. Pick Up That Trunk

Pick Up That Trunk

Getting the butt and back in sync is the purpose of this exercise. Lie on your back with your knees bent and hangs behind your head. Use you abdominals to lift your back off the ground slightly – no more than 20 degrees – and hold in that position for five seconds. Lower slowly and repeat five times. Try this one five times a day.

4. Half Superman

Half Superman

Superman’s excellent posture probably came from this one. Lie face down on the floor with arms extended forward. Raise right arm and right leg off the ground and hold for five seconds. Lower, then do the same with the left arm and leg. Repeat each side five times throughout the day.

3. Be An Aligned Hipster

Be An Aligned Hipster

Get your hips lined up better with this exercise. Stand straight while holding onto a chair for balance. With your feet spread a hip-width apart, bend your left leg backwards and reach back with your left had to grab it. Keep you leg in line with your hip and hold for 10-to-30 seconds. Lower your leg slowly and repeat on the right side. Do this quad stretch five or more times a day.

2. Hamstring Helper

Hamstring Helper

Tight hamstrings can keep your back from straightening. Loosen them up by starting with basic warm up stretches and then lying on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Lift your right leg and loop a towel around the foot while holding the ends. Gradually extend the leg while pulling on the towel for resistance. Hold for up to 60 seconds, then repeat with the right leg.

1. Tummy Tucker

Tummy Tucker

Here’s a great core strengthener you can do anytime and anyplace to tighten your stomach and straighten your back. Pull in your stomach like your trying to touch your belly button to your back. Do this while inhaling, then release it while exhaling. Repeat as many times as you can throughout the day.