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Expert Tools for Gardeners

By Editorial Staff

expert gardening toolsContributed by Info Guru Paul Seaburn

Most gardeners start in the spring … serious gardeners are gardening all year round.

Whether it’s plowing the soil, planting the seeds, pruning the plants, picking the produce or preparing for next year, serious gardeners know it’s a lot of work so they usually have a good collection of tools and accessories to make it easier. Check out this selection of expert tools for gardeners that can add a green glow to your gardening thumb.

10. Spade With A Foot Pad

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Spade With A Foot Pad

Traditional spades are good for hard dirt but hard on the foot. Try a spade with a foot pad and your tender toes will thank you with more hours of painless pushing.

9. Pick and Shovel Combo

Pick and Shovel Combo

Why carry two or three tools to the garden when one can do multiple jobs? This pick and shovel combination is made of high strength steel with a versatile head that swivels to make it a shovel, pick or hoe without any additional tools.

8. X-Treme Tape

X-Treme Tape

You might not think of tape as a gardening tool, but when your favorite hose springs a leak, you’ll be glad to have a roll of X-Treme Tape to wrap around it and get quickly back to watering. The permanent seal is both air and water-tight and the silicon tape is flexible and stretchy to wrap around the oddest shapes and angles.

7. Root Saw

Root Saw

You know there a root in your way because you keep hitting it with your shovel. Instead of struggling to dig around it so you can cut it, slice right through both the dirt and the root with a root saw. The sharp point pierces the dirt and the two cutting edges saws thought the root on both the downward and upward strokes.

6. Weed and Root Remover

 Weed and Root Remover

Removing weeds is tedious, backbreaking and frustrating when you don’t get the root and they come right back. This upright weed and root remover has four stainless-steel claws to grab the weeds around the roots, an easy eject mechanism to drop the weed in a bag and a foot rest to help push the tool into hard soils.

5. Telescoping Rake

Telescoping Rake

The wind blows leaves and debris into the smallest spots in your yard and garden. Instead of getting on your knees and using your hands or investing in various rake sizes, serious gardeners save time, effort and money with a telescoping rake that adjusts from 7 inches from tight spots to 23 inches for lawn raking. It can also lock at any size in-between.

4. Bifocal Safety Glasses

Bifocal Safety Glasses

Serious gardeners do serious digging, chopping and other chores that require wearing safety goggles, which don’t help when you need to stop and read things like seed packets or fertilizer bags. A set of bifocal safety glasses solves that problem with reading glass magnification in the small bifocal part at the bottom.

3. Long Reach Pruning Tool

Long Reach Pruning Tool

Pruning tall shrubs or trees can be dangerous when using a ladder. Keep your feet planted firmly on the ground and do your trimming and cutting with a long-reach pruning tool. They come in varying lengths and have both cutting and holding mechanisms for bringing flowers or branches safely to the ground.

2. Leaf Claws

Leaf Claws

Rakes were made for raking. When you need to pick up the raked leaves, try a pair of Leaf Claws. Cleanup is a snap with these giant plastic forked mitts that fit easily into the top of a trash can or bag.

1. Korean Hand Plow

Korean Hand Plow

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Farmers still use plows because there’s no better way to turn over dirt for planting. Get that same power at the end of your arm with a Korean hand plow. It’s great for digging trenches around gardens, making rows for seeds, turning dirt in the spring for planting or in the fall to get ready for next spring.


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