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Eyeliner Looks

By Editorial Staff

eyeliner looksContributed by Info Guru Cindi Pearce

Eyeliner is a must for most women.

It makes the eyes look so much better. It comes in a variety of forms, including liquid, gel, powder, pencil, Kohl, and matte, shiny and in various colors. You can even get a sparkly glittery liner if that is your cup of tea. Here are the top ten eyeliner tips:

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10. No holds barred

No holds barred

Thickly rim the upper and lower eyes in dramatic black pencil or powder liner. A powder eyeliner make-up is the best for this purpose and usually lasts the longest. This definitely gets you noticed. Use a careful steady hand, you may be mistaken for Vampira.

9. Lower lash line

Lower lash line

Consider applying make-up to the lower inner lash line. This is the space right below the lower water line. Some women think this technique makes their eyes look smaller rather than larger so don’t adhere to it. Others prefer to apply some make-up to the outer lash line. They do not extend the color all the way under eye.

8. Bold color

bold color

Go bold and edge your eyes in color. Granted, this probably isn’t a look an older woman opts for because it can accentuate lines and wrinkles but the younger set can carry off a crazy, over-the-top look and still look great.

7. None


Forego the eyeliner all together. Of course, that is not an option for many women who are committed to lined eyes. Going bare-eyed is comparable to running outside buck-naked, and is not going to happen except in the event of an emergency. Although beautiful when made up, eyes can look terribly bland and unremarkable when void of make-up.

6. Liquid


Go extreme and using a liquid make-up, bring the line all the way down to the inside of your inner orb. You can make it look even more dramatic by drawing a severe black line under the eye, which intersects with the pointed upper line.

5. Smokey


Smoke up the liner. Apply it and then blend it. Do not use the liquid kind. You’ll end up in a mess if you try to blend it. This is a good look for many women, particularly for night, and eliminates harsh lines, which many women prefer. The eyeliner becomes somewhat blended with shadow thus the smoky result.

4. Just a little


Use sparingly. Some women don’t need a lot of color on or around their eyes and, in fact; look better with a somewhat nude eye.

3. Cat’s eye

cats eye

Some women will always and forever the cat’s eye look, made popular initially by Cleopatra and, once again, during the 1960s. This look requires the use of a lot of paint, usually black but not always. The line extends far beyond the outside edge of the eye and comes to a point, thus its name.

2. Tight lining

tight lining

Some women line in the water line. The upper waterline is located directly under the upper lashes. Some people refer to lining this area as tight lining. The lower waterline or rim is the bottom rim of the eye. Use fluid liners, gel liners or liquid last liners, because this area is watery and make-up tends to wash away.

1. Liz eyes

Liz Taylor

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Elizabeth Taylor was certainly no stranger to eyeliner. Of course, she had the added benefit of lavender eyes, which most women aren’t so lucky to boast. Odds are the colors she used around her orbs were those that enhanced the unusual color of her eyes. Miss Taylor liked to smack on the paint under the eye as well as above. This legend’s eyes were drop-dead gorgeous no matter how she applied make-up or how much she used. RIP, Elizabeth.


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