Fall porch decorating

Fall porch decorating is simple and can have a huge curb appeal impact

Fall porch decorating is simple and can have a huge curb appeal impact

As the summer heat fades and autumn leaves start to fall, the time comes to pack away the Tiki lights and gas grills and start decorating for fall. Decorating the front porch with the festive colors of fall is one way to welcome visitors…as well as to welcome the new season. 

Welcome Mat

Roll out the welcome mat!  Not just any welcome mat, though. This year, change out your tired and tattered mat for one that shows off the earthy abundance of autumn. A pumpkin themed welcome mat greets your guests with a some seasonal flair and helps minimize the leaves that are tracked into your home. 

Door Decorations

Deck out your front porch and herald in the start of a new season. A wreath or swag on the door surrounded by a garland of autumn leaves in a riot of russet and orange is a festive way to add some seasonal curb appeal to your home this fall. Garlands are also an inexpensive way to spruce up your front porch. By wrapping lush, leafy garland around porch banisters and twining them up porch columns, your guests are greeted with autumnal abundance. 



Banners and flags that flank your front door are a simple and inexpensive way to bring the season home and can be easily stored between seasons. This is a perfect decorating solution for those with limited storage space. By investing in quality flags, you will have a stylish decoration that will last several seasons. 

Solar Lighting

Brighten up your front path and bring some holiday panache to your porch with seasonal solar lighting. Not only are the lights fun and funky but, since they are solar powered, your decorating efforts will raise seasonal spirits, not electric bills. Solar lights come in a variety of styles from rustic to retro…something to satisfy nearly every decorating style.

Pumpkin Patch

Nothing says autumn like a pumpkin patch. Create your own everlasting pumpkin patch with fiberglass pumpkins and say goodbye to rotten gourd and squirrel eaten squash. No need to scrape out gourd guts, just plug in these pumpkins for a spooky and seasonal sensation. With a faux pumpkin patch, the only thing you will have to harvest this fall are the compliments!

Lawn Items

When decorating your porch, don’t forget the lawn leading up to the front door. A set of lawn stakes can set the stage for an awesome autumnal production. A pumpkin patch like this is definitely worthy of a visit from the Great Pumpkin!

Hey, it’s Hay!

Bales of hay make an inexpensive and rustic addition to your front porch decorations. But if your seasonal allergies deter you from this seasonal decoration, you might consider a cornstalk wall sculpture to flank your entryway…all of the drama, but none of the post-nasal drip.


Don’t worry, decorative scarecrows that set the seasonal mood won’t scare off your guests, just the autumnal doldrums. Whether you make an old-fashioned, home made scarecrow or indulge in a solar powered lawn ornament, a scarecrow is one of the decorations of fall that can easily span the entire season without seeming out of place. It can be “spooked up” for Halloween or left in a more traditional setting surrounded by pumpkins for Thanksgiving.

Whether you prefer rustic autumn trimmings, solar powered light ensembles, or masses of lawn ornaments, there are plenty of simple and inexpensive ways to decorate your front porch for autumn. By implementing a few of these suggestions, your home will have a stunning fall facade that will carry you from the first sign of frost on the pumpkin until the last bit of turkey is scraped from your Thanksgiving plate.