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Family Recreation Outings

By Editorial Staff

family recreation outingsby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Weekend outings are often the highlight of the month for kids and parents alike.

The anticipation alone is enough to make a humdrum work week fly by. Plus you’re creating lasting memories, even a few traditions, like wrapping up each summer with a Go-Kart Championship Race.

Load up the car with some tasty snacks. These top family recreation activities are a guaranteed good time for families who make the time to have fun together.

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10. Bike Rides

Bike Rides

A cycling trip can take you over the hills and through the woods to a neighboring town, nearby park or undiscovered hideaway. Life slows down when you’re on a bike cruising around, so it’s the perfect time to talk and catch up on each other’s lives. Map out a low-traffic route and pack a healthy lunch to fuel your day of adventure.

9. Go-Karts


Adrenaline lovers don’t have to turn the volume down all the way. Family go-karts accelerate the fun in a way that’s safe and hands-on. Instead of spending a beautiful day indoors watching sports on television, these go-karts put the steering wheel in your hands. Create your own challenges and show kids that sometimes all it takes to have a ball is to go, Go, Go.

8. Feed the Ducks

Feed the Ducks

Keep some stale bread in the freezer for a spontaneous trip to the lake. Everyone can break off crumbs to feed the ducks and other wild life. Turn the excursion into a quest by hitting up different stops on the way home to find out who has the best … best ice cream, best cookies, best milkshakes. You get the idea.

7. Kite Flying

Kite Flying

Kite flying is an inexpensive activity families can enjoy anywhere there’s a large enough plot of land to run on and a nice breeze. Sometimes it’s a group effort to get a kite airborne, but once it’s up the simple accomplishment makes everyone happy.

6. Miniature Golf

 Miniature Golf

From the moment a child’s unsteady walk becomes a full out run punctuated with “I’ll race you!” you’ve got a little competitor on your hands. Mini golf is one of the least cut-throat games you can play, reminding everyone not to take everything so seriously. Find an over-the-top course complete with a waterfall and see who’s up for a friendly round.

5. Take a Hike

Take a Hike

There’s much to be said for seeking and finding simple pleasures. Lace up the hiking boots and show the kids how surprising nature can be right outside their door. Take a hike through the woods with a magnifying glass or binoculars and see how many curious creatures you can spot as a team.

4. Canoe or Kayak Trip

Canoe or Kayak Trip

Not every family longs to rough it in the woods overnight, but a day trip canoeing or paddling a new kayak down river is a whole other story. Pack up the cooler and spend the day paddling. On a hot day, pull up to some rocks to go for a swim. Many rivers are calmest in the summer after the snow has long melted. If you’re looking for a little thrill here and there, go in spring when you’re most likely to catch a little white water.

3. Beach Day

Beach Day

If you’re lucky enough to live within driving distance to a beach, put on that colorful swimsuit. As long as you’re careful to apply and re-apply sunscreen, wear a hat and put up a UV protective umbrella for downtime, the beach is one of the best places for active family recreation. Ride the waves on boogie boards or body surf, play Frisbee and volleyball, or build sand castles between burying each other in warm sand.

2. Picnic


Food is love, so it makes sense that simple picnics can play an integral role in family time. Easy as it may be to take things to familiar ground out back, throw a curve ball and take lunch to-go. A change of scenery can make the quietest afternoon more interesting, and remove everyone from distractions so you have their undivided attention. Find a local park or lake and don’t forget the sunscreen.

1. Star Watching

Star Watching

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Family recreation isn’t limited to daylight hours. Grab a blanket and take you stargazing to the next level with a telescope the whole family will enjoy. Take turns finding constellations or simply pander the wonders of the universe over a warm mug of cocoa with tiny, curious company ready to take it all in. Check and mark upcoming meteor showers on your calendar.


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