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Fashion Accessory Steals

By Editorial Staff

fashion accessoriesContributed by Info Guru Danielle Merritt

Accessories don’t have to be expensive in order to look amazing – you don’t have to be adorned with gold and pearls.

In fact, accessories can be quite the steal if you know what to buy and where to buy them.

Here are the top ten fashion accessory steals:

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10. Wide Brimmed Hat


This hat is perfect for summer as it keeps you cool and keeps the sun out of your eyes. It comes in a variety of colors and fabrics, but a favorite among many is the woven brown hat. Pair it with a maxi dress or a laid back beach outfit. You can find one for under ten dollars!

9. Ankle Bracelet

ankle bracelets

Ankle bracelets are a very flattering must have! They can be very costly, but there is no rule that you must get one in real gold. You can get one in sterling silver, metal, and even fabric, depending on your budget. A fabric ankle bracelet is perfect for a casual outing and can be found for as little as three dollars. Wear one the next time you have lunch by the beach!

8. Headband


The headband is the ultimate lazy girl accessory for little girls – although it can be worn with more intricate hairstyles, it is also perfect for days you would rather not do much with your little one’s hair and want to add a bit of pizzazz her outfit. They come in every color and style under the sun, and even better, you can get one for a dollar!

7. Latest Makeup Palettes

jennifer bradley cosmetics

You don’t have to pay a ridiculous price for professional quality makeup. Cosmetic counter makeup can be a bit pricey, but a beautiful array of the hottest colors and palettes can be found online. More affordable doesn’t mean lower quality. Professional, medical grade skincare and top quality makeup goes on like a dream and is good for your skin too.

6. Bangles


Bangles add the perfect shimmer to any outfit. Go glam with gold, silver, or black, or be playful with colors like pink, blue, and orange. No matter what colors you buy your bangles in, you are guaranteed to find them for less than thirty dollars, often less than ten depending on what they’re made of. Wear them during a casual day or dressy night out!

5. Knee High Stocking

 Knee High Stocking

For only a few dollars, knee high stockings had a preppy touch to an outfit. For the ultimate Ralph Lauren-esque look, wear a polo top, pleated skirt, and oxfords with your knee highs. Since they’re so affordable, buy one in every color!

4. Oversized Ring

Oversized Ring

Forget the dainty diamond ring if you’re looking for fashion accessory steals. Instead, you can buy dozens of fashionable, oversized plastic or metal rings for as little as two dollars apiece. They can be worn with almost anything and can be found in every color imaginable.

3. Earring Sets

Earring Sets

Most of the time, you can buy earrings sold in sets of six to eight pairs for the same cost as one pair of earrings alone. Even if you can see yourself wearing only one of the pairs in the set, there is a chance you’ll wear the other ones, and it would be silly not to get more earrings for the same price you’d pay to get less.

2. Clutch


Whether it’s a playful day clutch or a dressy night clutch, there is no reason you should pay more than twenty five dollars for it. Again, fabric and faux leather clutches are the cheapest option, but there are always great sales on the leather ones. Don’t pay a ridiculous price for something that doesn’t hold a lot of things and isn’t able to be carried on your shoulder.

1. Beach Bag

beach bag

You’d be surprised at how much some stores charge for a cotton beach bag! In reality, a cotton beach bag should be a steal, costing less than ten dollars. After all, it gets loaded with sand, sunscreen, and salt water. Avoid looking for a cheap beach bag at a place that sells overpriced swimwear – chances are, the beach bag will be overpriced as well. Instead, look in places where the swimwear is known to be more affordable.

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If you end up with one or all of these items in your wardrobe, then there is proof that you can be fabulous and frugal. Start saving money with these accessory steals – it’s addicting!


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