teacher styleContributed by Info Guru Cindi Pearce

A teacher needs to be comfortable while also looking her best.

What a teacher wears depends in large part on the grade she is teaching. High school teachers aren’t required to be as physical as primary school instructors so they may have a bit more freedom when it comes to wardrobe choices.

Here are the best of fashion for teachers:


Versatile separates

Patchington separates for teachers

Every woman, teacher or not, needs separates in her wardrobe. The teacher can hang a sweater on the back of her chair when it’s not in use. When the air (and classroom) gets chilly, she slips it on and is warm and comfortable and able to carry out her teaching duties, while not worrying about frostbite. Patchington has a wonderful selection of versatile separates in a multitude of hues that match anything in a teacher’s existing wardrobe. Look for separates that are timeless and classic and can be worn casually or for a more dressed up look.


Skirts that work for school

blue skirt

A great skirt is a must-have piece in any teacher’s wardrobe. Look for skirts that are soft and comfortable, like the collection at Serengeti. Their skirts are long enough to make moving around or even sitting on the floor safety from wardrobe malfunctions. But they’re so pretty you’ll want to wear them long after the dismissal bell has rung.

Soft Surroundings

Comfortable pants

soft surroundings straight leg pants

Primary and elementary school teachers, in particular, need to be able to move freely and easily and sometimes quickly. They may be down on the floor helping kindergartners tie their shoes or hand-painting along with their charges. These teachers need and want to wear pants that provide full coverage when the teacher is moving about the room. Soft Surroundings offers pants designed to fit and flatter no matter what your day in the classroom might bring.


Perfect dress

print dress

Check out the fantastic tribal print knit dress at NorthStyle. This the perfect teacher dress for the fall and summer months and can also be worn during cold weather when coupled with the cardigan purchased from Leon Levin. Put on dark, opaque tights and ankle high boots and this completes the look when worn later in the season. Students (and co-workers) will respond to the vivacious colors and Indian-like patterns and designs featured in this dress. The dress skims the knee, is soft and is such a pretty look. The teacher is comfortable while also looking good.

Nature’s Jewelry

Bold and funky

Add some colorful, fun, nature inspired jewelry from Nature’s Jewelry and the female students may start emulating the teacher’s style. Expect to hear “Where DID you get that?” And why not? Their selection of gemstone and crystal pieces in styles from traditional to cutting-edge will make every outfit you wear look even better. And best of, the prices work on a teacher’s budget!

Pyramid Collection

Individual style

funky fashion

Those employed at schools for the creative arts are probably creative and a bit eccentric themselves. Dress the part. Go to Pyramid Collection to find the most awesome assortment of clothing for the artiste who appreciates ethnicity in her clothing or a spiritual or Gothic vibe. If the desire is colorful, unusual clothing, this is the place to shop. The drop dead gorgeous rainbow vest available at the Pyramid Collection is going to wow the students. It is shimmery and satiny and very colorful. Wear it with pants, skirts or over a dress. This vest is not only gorgeous but versatile and can be incorporated into the funky teacher’s wardrobe in a variety of creative ways.