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Fashion Statement Hats

By Editorial Staff

fashion statement hatsby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

For centuries, men and women have worn hats to depict their modesty, social position and always keen fashion sense.

Why settle for keeping your head warm when you can wear an accessory that tells the world who you are, or choose to be for the day?

These top fashion statement hats have style inspired by past charms and contemporary tastes.

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10. 1920’s inspired

1920’s inspired

The classy 1920’s inspired hats drew inspiration from headwear in cultures across the globe. The iconic cloche style was a must-have for bold flappers intent on wearing their modern believes – out with soft femininity an in with strong, self-assured opinions. Its basic bell shape and zigzag stitching reflect Art Deco’s impact on the era.

9. Faux fur Russian style

Faux fur Russian style

Stay warm and glamorously gorgeous in this faux fur Cossack accessory. This style is perfect for formal wintry occasions. It offers an eye-full to passersby, so you’re sure to be noticed in the sea of knit caps. Goes well with wool and accentuates silky hair so let your long locks flow.

8. Attitude with flair

Attitude with flair

Wide-brimmed hats command attention. This style is not to be worn lightly because you will draw eyes like moths to a flame. Of course, your smile is not to be overshadowed. Apply a matching coat of glossy lip stick and smile and show off those pearly whites.

7. Fedora


Popularized in the 19th Century as a mark of upper class, the trendy fedora is experiencing resurgence. Hollywood’s sly gangsters and noir clad detectives wore them to build mystique, but today this style exudes class and relaxed sophistication. Today it’s considered appropriate for both formal and casual occasions. In summer, the brim also helps shield your face from UV rays.

6. Beanie


Some trendy knit caps have attitude to spare or have something to say, making them fashion statement hats in the most literal way. Look for a striped or multi-colored design to mix things up. Front embellishments include words dripping with emotion, clever phrases or symbols with a meaning you identify with.

5. Bonnets


Bonnets go back way before Judy Garland walked arm in arm with Fred Astaire in the Easter Parade. The come in all sizes and colors, and typically tie beneath the chin and frame the face with a wide brim. The often large and embellished with trim or flowers, a woman in a bonnet has a demure allure.

4. Gainsborough


Named after Thomas Gainsborough, an English portrait artist who often depicted women in wide-brimmed hats, the Gainsborough makes a striking, if eccentric impression. Fashionable ladies of the 18th Century were all about piling it on as many plumes and foxtails as the neck could stand. This is the kind of accessory that does all the I-don’t-care-what-the-world-thinks talking for you.

3. Beret


The French and Francophiles alike still enjoy wearing Berets, a most sophisticated cap. The classic structure is flat on top and usually made from felt or woven wool. For centuries, artists and bohemians have chosen this as their style of choice, giving it an air of too-cool-for-school. Wear it like you mean it!

2. Wide-brimmed bowlers

Wide-brimmed bowlers

Popularized by Diane Keaton’s Annie Hall in the Woodie Allen film by the same name, the wide-brimmed bowler is distinctively carefree. Nothing says “looking for love” like a tall crown, flattering floppy brim and androgynous silhouette. Less important than what this style says is how it makes you feel.

1. Vintage pillbox

Vintage pillbox

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Yet another one of many fashion statement hats that originated as a utilitarian, military style. Most notably worn by Jacqueline Kennedy, cigarette girls and movie stars of the 1950’s, the vintage pillbox is defined by its upright sides, flat crown and lack of brim. Though understated at first glance, you can dress it up with a lacy veil or bolt of color tied in a ribbon on top.


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